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Yuichi/”The Messiah”/Nameable

The supporter of the story. Yuichi ( nameable in the ocular novel ) is a convention man who works night shifts at a normal job as part of his normal animation. One day on his way base after a unvoiced night of work, Yuichi meets the extremely low frequency Nol. Due to his ability to see Nol and his offer of help when he mistook her for a lost child, Nol decide to isekai Yuichi to Alfheim, the populace of the elves. now the only man among a near extinct One-Gender Race, the high elves name Yuichi the messiah of Alfheim who will father the future generation of elves and save the elven race from extinction .

High Elves

In General

A slipstream of elves that live in a belittled village near the Holy Tree. All elves in the first place came from the Holy Tree. But when the charming of Holy Tree began to wane, the tree lost its ability to create newly elves. After a hanker war with the dark elves, the high elves are nowadays of the verge of extinction. It is their hope that “ The Messiah of Alfheim ” will save them from extinction and help them create a coevals of elves through “ less charming means ” .

Norn “Nol” Alfheim

The 184014 year-old village elder and mischievous leader of the high elves. She was person who brought Yuichi to Alfhiem with the serve of the ancient documents of the big elders. Her bantam ensnare and short stature makes it easy to mistake her for a young child, despite being the oldest of the elves. Although she does have the ability to changes her appearance in order to gain a more bosomy figure .

Lucie Menelumia

A 1804 year-old extremely low frequency who acts as Nol ‘s right hired hand charwoman. She has spent her life sentence surrounded by birds and flowers, and thus has a kind personality and a gentle soul, because of this she troubles over the dispute between the high elves and dark elves. She accepts Yuichi justly away and is the first elf he has sex with. She enjoys hearing his stories of the human worldly concern, as her hobbies include reading and researching ancient documents .

Firis Hagerhelm

A 1201 year-old high elf in a aristocratic stead among the other elves, she is very disdainful and looks down on the early elves. She has an interest in humans and the concept of making children. naturally, she is able to explore her interest with Yuichi, the foremost human she ever met .

Dark Elves

In General

A slipstream of elves that live in the nation of Underdark. Like High Elves, Dark Elves were born from the Holy Tree. Dark elves are more war-like than the senior high school elves and they have spent years trying to monopolize the magic trick of the Holy Tree. The high elves would frequently clash with the dark elves, resulting in both races of elves now on the verge of extinction. In ordering to have their save raceway, they intend to take “ The Messiah of Alfheim ” from the high elves and have him father a new genesis of dark elves .

Delva Celebrían

The healthy leader of the dark elves, general of their army, and Evelyn ‘s older sister. She leads the iniquity elves in their invasion to monopolize the God Tree, the beginning of all magic and life in Alfheim. recently, she besides has eyes set on Yuichi and hopes to use him to create a new genesis of dark elves, whether he wants to or not .

Evelyn Celebrían

Delva ‘s younger sister. She was helped by Yuichi when she was kidnapped by a pack of goblins. To repay him for saving her and with Nol ‘s permission, she now stays with him in the senior high school extremely low frequency village. She happens to excel at all manners of housework and takes care of most of the chores at Yucihi ‘s house.While she is not thoroughly with dealing with others, she is the type to fawn over and devote herself to a person if they let their guard down .

  • Token Good Teammate: Initially of the dark elves, as she is the first one among them to be befriended by Yucihi, was not part of their Terrible Trio, and the only dark elf that does not antagonize him or the high elves. She is also the first dark elf to be accepted into the high elf village. This does change after all the dark elves undergo a Heel-Face Turn.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Yuichi after he rescue her from a pack of goblins.
  • White-Hair Pretty Girl

Misery Stentrem

Known as “ Misery the Dark Magician ”. She serves as Delva ‘s adviser and matriarch of the black elves. She is trace to be a arch hag and a womanhood of a few word. She falls madly in sexual love with Yuichi after seeing him. Despite her provocative appearance, even among the other elves, Misery is inactive very much a virgo at the get down of the story, like the rest of the elves.

Elda Ballad

Known as “ Elda the Warmaiden ”. She serves as the “ muscles ” for the arm unit of the black extremely low frequency united states army. Of all the dark elves, she is the most aggressive in their pursuit of Yuichi. She desires to be impregnate by him and believes it to be the best manner to continue the benighted elf race. She is very uncivil, cocky, and loves to fight. She is known for wielding for signature battle axe. however, deep down she does have a girly stripe and wants to wear more ladylike clothe .

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