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Love is a 2012 Taiwanese-Chinese love affair film directed and cowritten by Doze Niu. It stars Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Mark Chao, Ethan Juan, Eddie Peng, Amber Kuo, Ivy Chen and Doze Niu. [ 2 ] Love premiered in the Panorama incision of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. [ 3 ] The film features an ensemble project, with the stories revealed to be interwoven as the diagram progresses .

plat [edit ]

Love showcases the different types of relationships : family, friends, lovers, coworkers, and besides those between strangers are shown to express the different types of love people have every day. Through the three subplots of eight interlacing characters, the ups and downs of love, what love has to offer and what love has to take, the film shows the relative situations in which love can take restrain .

Subplot 1 : lolo Jia, Xiao Min, and Ah Kai [edit ]

Yi Jia ( Ivy Chen ) is a elementary, ordinary daughter that goes along with everybody around her. She is in the Cycling team of her university, and plays the supportive character called the domestique. Her real life is similar to that of her function on the cycle team : she has no characteristic, no especial talents and is not identical outstanding in general. When she is with her best friend—Xiao Min—she besides assumes a supportive role, just like on the cycle team. Xiao Min ( Amber Kuo ) is outdo friends with Yi Jia, and however is the complete reverse of Yi Jia. Xiao Min is assertive, talented, confident, has a good class background, and has everybody ‘s attention. She besides has a boyfriend, Ah Kai. Ah Kai ( Eddie Peng ) is concerned in filming and dreams to be a successful conductor in the future, but his dream is frequently tossed around as a joke by people he knows, with the exception of Xiao Min. These three best friends complement each other, forming a impregnable friendship, but all this comes to a halt when Yi Jia finds herself meaning.

Subplot 2 : set, Xiao Ye [edit ]

Mark ( Mark Chao ) is a young and successful entrepreneur. He is self-indulgent, aplomb, modern and casual. His motif about womanhood is, “ a long as it is deserving it to conquer ” and has an attitude represented with the phrase, “ If you never have to do it, then you never miss it ”. On a trip to Beijing, Mark meets Xiao Ye. Xiao Ye ( Zhao Wei ) is a single mother with a seven-year-old son, Dou Dou, and is Mark ‘s real property estate agent. Their meeting, however, did not go well, as it ended in the police office with Xiao Ye suffering a broken leg and having her son become lost along the way. finally, with the help oneself of Mark, Dou Dou is found. Through this experience, and his prison term with the mother and son, Mark finds himself developing intimate feelings that he never had with people before.

Subplot 3 : Xiao Kuan, Rou Yi, Chao Ping [edit ]

Xiao Kuan ( Ethan Juan ) has a simple, pure, boy-next-door personality. Rou Yi ( Shu Qi ) is a bourgeois charwoman, dependant on rich men, and schoolmarm of Chao Ping, which leads to her life in the limelight. Chao Ping ( Doze Niu ) is an aging man, and CEO of a long-familiar company. After an unhappy nox of party, Rou Yi and Chao Ping argue on the way home. Rou Yi gets out of the car, continuing the controversy, which is quickly growing more inflame, and the ensuing fight is witnessed by Xiao Kuan. In a moment of heroism, Xiao Kuan grab Rou Yi, running aside from Chao Ping and brings her back to his house, which is silence and calm. From then on, they became acquaintances, and Xiao Kuan ‘s place serves a space of scat for Rou Yi – a place away from the lights and attention. Through Xiao Kuan ‘s simple life, Rou Yi contemplates her life and finally comes to the stopping point that it is time to change and take control condition. [ 4 ]

cast [edit ]

Cameo appearance [edit ]

  • Ralf Chiu as Mark’s assistant
  • Rhydian Vaughan as Xiao Kuan’s colleague
  • Frankie Huang as Xiao Kuan’s colleague
  • Emerson Tsai as Xiao Kuan’s colleague
  • Chen Han-dian as Xiao Kuan’s colleague
  • Pu Hsueh-liang as Wedding host
  • Kang Kang as Cycling coach

soundtrack [edit ]

No. Title Writer(s) Performer Length
1. “Love Preview 愛的預告” Aki Huang Hebe Tien 00:50
2. “Love!” Aki Huang Hebe Tien 03:18
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4. “Flying Bird 飛鳥” Waa Wei, Han Li-kang Waa Wei 05:18
5. “Ài de nuǎn yáng hé xù 愛的暖陽和煦 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 03:03
6. “Two Girls 兩個女孩 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 02:42
7. “Fool 傻子” Zheng Nan Yoga Lin 03:34
8. “Wǒ yě méi yǒu bà ba 我也沒有爸爸 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 03:52
9. “Determination 決心 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 03:44
10. “My Love” Zheng Nan, Derek Shih Hebe Tien 05:10
11. “Falling 墜落 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 02:09
12. “First Kiss 初吻 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 02:55
13. “Dà tài yáng xià de cǎo dì 大太陽下的草地 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 01:53
14. “Old Boy’s Counterattack 老男孩的反擊 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 02:18
15. “Us 我們” Summer Lei Waa Wei 04:01
16. “Love Proverbs 愛的箴言” Lo Wing-keung, Lo Ta-yu Doze Niu 04:14
17. “Waiting 等待 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 01:52
18. “Love 愛 (instrumental)” Chen Chien-chi Chen Chien-chi 03:38
19. “Fàng qīng diǎn 放輕點” Lin Wei-che Faith Yang 03:39

Box office [edit ]

In Taiwan, the film grossed more than NT $ 160 million. In China, the film grossed more than CN¥130 million. [ 5 ]

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