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season Title [d][e] Original air date 15 1 “Part 1”
“Sono ichi” (


) September 20, 2021 ( ) In the new school semester, Ai-chan gives two buttons to Salaryman while on train rather than the usual one. Ai explains that her sister will be joining her at school, but Ai maintains a physical advantage in the bust area. During lunch break, Ai-chan’s sister questions her that why she still leaves home early to catch the morning train when it is no longer necessary. In an epilogue, as Salaryman leaves for work, he is embarrassed to see his neighbor, Teacher, being kissed goodbye by Maegami-chan. 16 2 “Part 2”
“Sono ni” (


) September 27, 2021 ( ) Third year high school girl, Maegami-chan, has had a crush on a teacher since her first year at high school, but he has resisted her advances for the past three years. The night before April Fools, she goes to his apartment and urges him to reveal his true feelings for her as they no longer have a student-teacher relationship. He tells her, but then she reveals that there is one more day to go. Unable to hold back his desire, he drags her into his apartment, much to her surprise and joy. 17 3 “Part 3”
“Sono san” (


) October 4, 2021 ( ) Senpai and Kouhai go on a company trip together to Kyushu. After a successful presentation, Senpai goes to Kouhai’s room to invite her out for a drink, however, he is hugely embarrassed when Kouhai answers the door in a bath towel and he hastily leaves. The next morning while Senpai is buying a gifts for his colleagues back home, Kouhai adds a bottle wine to the purchase, suggesting that they could drink it at drink at Senpai’s house when they return. 18 4 “Part 4”
“Sono yon” (


) October 11, 2021 ( ) Maegami-chan convinces Teacher to go to the beach with her after she shows him her new swimsuit which is sure to attract the attention of other men. Meanwhile, one day after work, Salaryman sees Maegami-chan enthusiastically welcoming Teacher when he’s back from work and wishes he could also have a passionate relationship with Ai-chan, but he quickly dismisses the thought. Not long afterwards, Salaryman is cheered when Ai-chan texts an invitation to go to Tawawa Farm with her in an upcoming holiday break. 19 5 “Part 5”
“Sono go” (


) October 18, 2021 ( ) Salaryman goes on a holiday break with Ai-chan and during the trip, Ai-chan notices that Salaryman has not been sleeping well. He explains that his passionate neighbors are keeping him awake. Salaryman and Ai-chan have a good time out, but Salaryman is distracted by the number of large breasted girls he sees during the day. On the way home, Ai-chan asks Salaryman what he would do if she stopped at his place, making him feel awkward. 20 6 “Part 6”
“Sono roku” (


) October 25, 2021 ( ) One day on the train, Ai-chan notices Salaryman is looking more rested, and he explains that the man next door is ill, so things were much quieter. One night at Senpai’s apartment, Kouhai mentions to Senpai that she saw a man buying an engagement ring before she passes out after drinking too much. Meanwhile, Teacher proposes to Maegami-chan, making her happy but frustrated that she did not record the event on her phone. Later, Ai-chan and her sister discover that a young couple have moved in next door, not realizing that they are Teacher and Maegami-chan who were Salaryman’s previous neighbors. 21 7 “Part 7”
“Sono sebun” (


) November 1, 2021 ( ) One morning, Ai’s Mother finds a bra hanging over their balcony and questions Ai-chan and her sister about it. They suspect that it may belong to their new neighbor Maegami-chan. Ai and her sister return the bra to Maegami-chan who tells them about her and Teacher’s relationship since high school and how they are not yet married because it may create a scandal. The discussion about relationships causes Ai-chan and her sister to fantasize about having their own romantic interludes. 22 8 “Part 8”
“Sono hachi” (


) November 8, 2021 ( ) During lunch at ramen shop, Senpai and Kouhai see a live TV program showing high school cheerleaders and Senpai warns Kouhai not to be captured on camera from weird angles. Kouhai also reminds him to delete the photo she sent him wearing a school uniform. Meanwhile, a red haired Cheerleader-chan who is popular at high school teases her childhood friend Baldy. One day, Baldy and his friends are inside the convenience store and they see a magazine with the Cheerleader-chan on cover page. The cheerleader signals them through the store’s glass to buy the magazine. At their workplace, Senpai sees an online article with a photo of a woman at a cosplay event and he thinks she looks somewhat familiar. As Kouhai passes by his desk, she recognizes herself in the photo causing her to stumble and fall. 23 9 “Part 9”
“Sono kyū” (


) November 15, 2021 ( ) On a company trip to a hot spring, Kouhai challenges Senpai to a game of Ping Pong but he loses after being distracted by her constantly moving breasts. Late that night, Senpai decides to take a dip in the hot spring and finds that Kouhai has the same idea. They chat for a while over the dividing screen and Kouhai says they should get together later. However, Kouhai drinks too much beer while in a massage chair and Senpai has to carry her to her room. On the way home in the bus, Kouhai loudly says they should get together again in a hot spring, but her meaning is misinterpreted by their colleagues. 24 10 “Part 10”
“Sono juu” (


) November 22, 2021 ( ) One day on the train, Ai-chan shows Salaryman a short news video of her appearing on the cheerleading team and she asks how he would react if she was scouted by model agency. He is noncommittal, but says he would like to see any pictures first, so Ai-chan shows him a cute cosplay of her which captures his interest. Meanwhile, Cheerleader-chan wears a bikini to help Baldy relax after his baseball practice. She then asks if she can copy his homework as her modelling work reduces her study time, but he refuses. When she then offers to change into another swimsuit in front of him, he relents and gives her his homework. She copies it while still wearing her bikini, and then she asks him to help her practice her ball throwing. Some days later, Cheerleader-chan is invited to throw the opening pitch at a local baseball game and after throwing a strike, a photo of her appears in a magazine in which she credits her childhood friend for helping her practice, much to Baldy’s embarrassment. 25 11 “Part 11”
“Sono Jū ichi” (


) November 29, 2021 ( )

One day at school, Ai-chan has trouble wiping the blackboard, so Barebu-chan lifts her up but the sudden movement breaks Ai-chan’s bra. She decides to buy a new one and Barebu-chan accompanies her, but because Ai-chan’s breast size is increasing so she must pay a premium, depleting the month’s earnings from her part-time job. They met Maegami-chan inside the shop while she is being measured for made-to-order wedding undergarments. Maegami-chan tells them about the wedding ceremony that Teacher promised her and invites them to attend. When Ai-chan arrives home, her family celebrates her reaching a one metre breast size, but Ai-chan is concerned that her large breast size will become a problem in the future. 26 12 “Part 12”
“Sono Jū ni” (


) December 6, 2021 ( ) On Maegami-chan and Teacher’s wedding day, Ai-chan’s sister has to help zip up her blouse because of her increasing bust size. The wedding ceremony goes smoothly and Ai-chan catches the bridal flower bouquet. Meanwhile, Cheerleader-chan is envious when she sees the bridal party during a photo shoot. Kouhai feels envious too while passing by but Senpai tries to discourage her from thoughts of marriage. While holding a baby, Maegami-chan hints at having children with Teacher, but he laughs nervously. Kouhai stops with Senpai to look at wedding dresses, but that makes him nervous. The following Monday Ai-chan meets Salaryman at train station and suggests that they both try their best this week.

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