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A Kiss for the Petals ( その花びらにくちづけを, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o ), is a japanese adult yuri ocular novel series created by the dōjin group Fuguriya. The series debuted on November 25, 2006, with the ocular novel of the lapp identify for Microsoft Windows. Since then, a sum of 23 titles have been released, with the most holocene one being released on October 26, 2016. [ 1 ] Following the success of the first game, it quickly expanded into a series of ocular novels, light novels, drama CDs, artbooks, radio shows and an anime adaptation .

plot [edit ]

determined in St. Michael ‘s Academy ( Mikajyo ), the games follows the yuri relationships and chat up between diverse girls. While most of the games focus just on a single couple, some of the newfangled titles have multiple couples.

Series differences [edit ]

The uniforms for the high school students are auburn colored, with a white sailor collar, and a black bow draw ; while the uniforms for the center school students are light pink, besides with a flannel sailor collar, and a crimson bow tie ; the uniforms for The adjacent Generation series are flannel, with a black boater collar- ( arrant with a equal black skirt ), and a red bow affiliation a well .

Characters [edit ]

Main series [edit ]

Nanami Oda (

織田 七海

, Oda Nanami )

Voiced by : Fuyuka Toiro ( First Game ), Yumi Haruna ( Second Game ), Nana Yasaka ( Third Game ), Konoko Takanashi ( Fourth Game )
Nanami is first-year high school student at St. Michael’s Academy. Her head is always full of romantic thoughts for Yūna. She is stubborn, and usually involved in trifling arguments, even with her partner. Nanami has such a lovestruck disposition that her discovery that Yūna is actually nothing like how she imagined only caused her to fall that much harder for her.
Yūna Matsubara (

松原 優菜

, Matsubara Yūna )

Voiced by : Pochi Uchino
A second year high school student at St. Michael’s and chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee (a group that’s functionally the student council), and the proud daughter of wealthy parents who are directors of large hospitals all over Japan. A somewhat soft-spoken intellectual beauty with a gentle disposition to boot. A busty girl who excels in sports, and all around superwoman. A campus idol, naturally adored by her juniors (and even by her seniors), while seemingly totally oblivious to that fact. She’s actually a rather spoiled, dirty-minded girl, especially when it comes to her girlfriend, Nanami. Also the type of person who isn’t satisfied unless she puts all her heart and soul into something.
Reo Kawamura (

川村 玲緒

, Kawamura Reo )

Voiced by : Hana Anzu
Reo is a second-year student and classmate of Mai Sawaguchi. She is a socially inept and has a fear of strangers; known to have a very short stature. However, she acts like a wild beast in anyway; being depicted as a traditional tsundere character. Because both of her parents are living overseas, she lives alone in a big apartment.
Mai Sawaguchi (

沢口 麻衣

, Sawaguchi Mai )

Voiced by : Ayaka Izumi
Mai is one of Reo’s classmates, who grew up studying at St. Michael’s Academy, having attended since kindergarten. Much to her big sister personality, she perceives herself as a “commoner”, yet has spent so much time at St. Michael’s Academy. She has two younger siblings: a brother and sister.
Kaede Kitajima (

北嶋 楓

, Kitajima Kaede )

Voiced by : Nazuna Gogyō
A second-year student at St. Michael’s Academy, Kaede is a talented girl who serves as class representative. Although meek and subdued by nature, she has a strong sense of duty, and her classmates have complete confidence in her. She and her cousin Sara are an officially recognized couple on the campus.
Sara Kitajima (

北嶋 紗良

, Kitajima Sara )

Voiced by : Satsuki Uri
A first-year student at St. Michael’s and Kaede’s cousin who is well-known from fashion magazines. Her mother is an actress, making Sara a true thoroughbred. Sara has a charismatic temperament that causes her to unwittingly charm those around her. Her affection towards Kaede is in full overdrive, both public and private.
Runa Hōraisen (

蓬莱泉 瑠奈

, Hōraisen Runa )

Voiced by : Yuki Ueda
Runa is a recent transfer student to St. Michael’s Middle School and Takako’s lover. Domineering with the disposition of a queen, she speaks and carries herself like an adult, and has everyone around her wrapped around her little finger. Rather than impulsively losing her temper when it comes to Takako, she seems more likely to quietly threaten. Since her parents whereabouts are unknown, Runa previously lived with her sister in a large apartment until she moved in with her teacher.
Takako Suminoe (

墨廼江 貴子

, Suminoe Takako )

Voiced by : Yui Azuma
Takako is one of the teachers in the elementary department at St. Michael’s Christian School. When Takako was a child, she was a shy young schoolgirl who had an innocent crush on her senpai, Rena. She is currently living with Runa, and tries to teach her to act more childish. Before meeting Rena, she lived with her parents and brother.
Miya Ayase (

綾瀬 美夜

, Ayase Miya )

Voiced by : Nerine Akimoto
Miya is a student of Year 1 “Snow” class, and a classmate of Risa. Though being a prominent genius on campus, she has difficulty in social situations and hates interacting with others. Miya rarely shows her soft side, but when she does, she becomes timid and casts nervous glances from beneath her lashes. Miya has been offered the chance to study abroad and even skipped grades.
Risa Azumi (

安曇 璃紗

, Azumi Risa )

Voiced by : Kuroi Neko
Risa is the class representative of the Year 1 “Snow” class, and a classmate of Miya. She is a half-Japanese daughter of a foreign company.
Rikka Shinozaki (

篠崎 六夏

, Shinozaki Rikka )

Voiced by : Madoka Midorikawa
Rikka is a first-year student at Saint Michael’s Academy, who was admitted from outside the school system on a scholarship. Rikka cannot help but intervene whenever she sees someone in trouble, which has made her extremely popular. Serving as Vice Class Representative, she and Class Representative Sayuki were voted as a Best Couple. Owing to her dependable nature, she is come to be known as “Snow White’s Knight”.
Sayuki Shirakawa (

白河 沙雪

, Shirakawa Sayuki )

Voiced by : Yun Sachi
Sayuki is Rikka’s fellow classmate. Besides being beautiful and brilliant, she is a talented scholar and athlete who was selected to serve on the Environmental Preservation Committee. Holding such a resounding reputation since middle school, she’s being hailed as the first “Ultimate Lady” since the days of alumna Rena Hōraisen. Her grandfather is descended from samurai who are rumored to have owned a castle, so owing to her name, she has earned the nickname “Snow White”.
Eris Shitogi (

粢 エリス

, Shitogi Eris )

Voiced by : Mio Ōkawa
Eris is an exchange student at St. Michael’s Junior College from Russia. She is proficient in Japanese and was formerly the famed proprietor of the Lily Platinum fan club. She is currently doing a homestay with Shizuku’s family when the two of them attended junior college. Eris still makes Shizuku turn briefly tsundere whenever she speaks passionate words of love to her, without any regard for who might be listening. She has a strong rivalry with Reo.
Shizuku Kirishima (

霧島 雫

, Kirishima Shizuku )

Voiced by : Miei
Shizuku is a third-year student and Japanese beauty who has grown up at St. Michael’s Academy. Born to a calligrapher father, Shizuku is highly regarded as “Shizuku-gozen”, the scribe of St. Michael’s. She is in an openly public relationship with Eris, the former exchange student, and the two of them attend St. Michael’s Junior College together.
Rena Hōraisen (

蓬莱泉 麗奈

, Hōraisen Rena )

Voiced by : Kō Manazuru
Rena is one of the school teachers at St. Michael’s who has a likable personality. An alumna of St. Michael’s Junior College, at the time, the teachers and students all praised her for being a well-behaved young lady.
Principal (



Voiced by : Kou Manazuru
The current school principal at St. Michael’s Academy whose name is never depicted. She was one of Takako’s former school teachers when the latter was a St. Michaels Student.

Angels series [edit ]

Yūno Katakura (

片倉 優乃

, Katakura Yūno )

Voiced by : Yuka Meriru
A pushy and overprotective girl who is in her first year of nursing school, Yuno is Satsuki’s classmate and dormmate. Fairly protective, she always speaks formally, with a deference to others.
Satsuki Ishigami (

石神 皐

, Ishigami Satsuki )

Voiced by : Hana Anzu
Satsuki is a frank and aloof girl with boyish tendencies. Although she never had much interest in eating, Yuuno has been using her home cooking to draw her out more, so that Satsuki will be straightforward with her expressions of affection, regardless of their surroundings. She also makes an appearance in Yuririn.
Ringo Aihara (

相原 りんご

, Aihara Ringo )

Voiced by : Shiori Honno
Ringo is a first-year student in nursing school and graduate of St. Michael’s. She is friends with Chiaki has admired her since they were little. Taking her acceptance to nursing school as an opportunity to become independent from her parents, she lives with Chiaki in her apartment.
Chiaki Takao (

高尾 千秋

, Takao Chiaki )

Voiced by : Koko Ichinose
A picture perfect nurse who is actually pretty spoiled. She is a nurse in the gastrointestinal surgery ward at Saint Michael’s General Hospital.
Akira Inatori (

稲取 晶

, Inatori Akira )

Voiced by : Suzune Asao
Narumi Hikawa (

氷川 成美

, Hikawa Narumi )

Voiced by : Hikari Hoshino

New Generation serial [edit ]

Aya Kimishima (

君島 亜弥

, Kimishima Aya )

Voiced by : Yūki Kondō
A second-year middle school student who transferred from public school, she and Ai are identical twin sisters. With a bright and cheerful disposition, Aya has a little bit of a submissive streak. She has romantic and sexual feelings for her older sister, Ai.
Ai Kimishima (

君島 藍

, Kimishima Ai )

Voiced by : Nao Tsubakino
Aya’s older twin sister, and the class mascot. Although meek and docile, Ai is actually very willful and childish, and won’t budge once she set her mind on something. She was kidnapped by the same person that kidnapped Aya, but was immediately turned over to her parents after she and Aya had finish playing in the park near the place Aya was raised.
Hazuki Onohara (

大野原 町葉月

, Onohara Hazuki )

Voiced by : Satoru Tanaka
Hazuki is a clumsy transfer student who was admitted in the second term at the annex school. She makes no attempts to hide her humble roots. She is well-liked by everyone in school.
Manami Suō (

蘇枋 愛実

, Suō Manami )

Voiced by : Shiina Amane
Manami is a sheltered teenage girl with an air of grace and refinement. Her true personality comes out through her internet idol persona “Mana” (マナ), where she appears cruel and abusive.
Nagisa Misawa (

三澤 渚

, Misawa Nagisa )

Voiced by : Ichika Mikazuki
Nagisa is the star of the school’s track and field team. She and Rina have been friends, since childhood.
Rina Takahata (

高幡 莉菜

, Takahata Rina )

Voiced by : Ayase Tomari
Rina is a spoiled and pushy girl who has a particular fondness for Nagisa. She and Nagisa have been friends, since childhood.
Kaori Hanemura (

羽村 佳織

, Hanemura Kaori )

Voiced by : Eri Kitamura
Kaori is a tsundere who can’t be honest about her deep love for Amane. She lives next door to Amane and goes to Saint Michael’s Girls Academy together. Very responsible and straightforward, she fulfills the tsukkomi role very well. However, when Amane’s repeated loving advances breaks down her tsundere wall, she becomes very cute.
Koharu Uozumi (

魚住 小春

, Uozumi Koharu )

Voiced by : Misa Tokushima
Koharu is the mascot character among the four friends. Soft-spoken and pure, she emits an iyashi-kei charm that captures Makoto’s heart. Koharu greatly admires Makoto since she is so much more mature than her. She is a wonderful cook and very handy around the house.
Makoto Tōdō (

藤堂 真琴

, Tōdō Makoto )

Voiced by : Mami Uchida
Makoto is a cool and reserved girl who dreams about being with Koharu.
Amane Yūki (

結城 あまね

, Yūki Amane )

Voiced by : Yui Sakakibara
Amane is one of the main characters in HanaHira!. She is the opposite of Kaori; being airheaded, very lively, glomps Kaori at every opportunity and generally lazy. She fails at studying and cooking, and would rather stay up playing games than anything else.

Media [edit ]

ocular novels [edit ]

The first title in the series, A Kiss for the Petals was released on November 25, 2006. As of September 2015, fifteen games and two spinoff titles have been released. The fifteenth game in the main series, Remembering How We Met, which was initially released in Japan on Android and io, was licensed by MangaGamer and released in English for Microsoft Windows on September 25, 2015. [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Main serial [edit ]

No. Title Couple(s) Original release date
1 “A Kiss for the Petals”
“Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo” (Japanese: その花びらにくちづけを)
Yūna × Nanami
  • JP: ( )
On the first day of school, Nanami Oda ends up in an accident, in which a senior student from the school comes to rescue her. Since the meeting with Yuna Matsubara, Nanami just cannot get her mind off of her and later decides to join the student council. Later, Nanami catches Yuna doing something very strange (masturbating), while also calling out Nanami’s name.
2 “My Dear Prince”
“Watashi no Ouji-sama” (Japanese: わたしの王子さま)
Sara × Kaede
  • JP: ( )
Kaede Kitajima runs into her cousin Sara, and suddenly finds herself sharing a passionate kiss with her. She calls her out from afar and clings to me, heedless of the stares people give us. Because Kaede does not like to stand out, she instinctively acts coldly towards Sara, she suddenly pushed her down.
3 “Joined in Love with You”
“Anata to Koibito Tsunagi” (Japanese: あなたと恋人つなぎ)
Mai × Reo
  • JP: ( )
Mai Sawaguchi tries best to get along with Reo. However, since they are both headstrong, they always end up fighting.
4 “The Beloved Photograph”
“Itoshisa no Fotogurafu” (Japanese: 愛しさのフォトグラフ)
Sara × Kaede
  • JP: ( )
Kaede still hates to stand-out while Sara’s break from work has ended. While wandering in school, Sara suddenly loses her balance, but the worst part is a member of the school paper took a snapshot. After the students of Mikajou saw the picture, Kaede’s fans swarm again, leaving Sara in regret like the last time. Confessing their love again, Kaede proposed to Sara and they go on a date before going home. At the end, Kaede and Sara was seen wearing a wedding gown (in preparation of their wedding 10 years from the timeline).
5 “The Joy of Loving You”
“Anata o Suki na Shiawase” (Japanese: あなたを好きな幸せ)
Mai × Reo
  • JP: ( )
Reo fails her classes and Mai helps her to pass. To reward Reo for passing her quiz, Mai agrees to go on a date with Reo. One day during class, Reo is called to the school office. She returns acting strangely. After a lot of worrying and probing, Mai still does not know what has happened. This results in a huge fight between Reo and Mai, because Mai feels that Reo does not trust in her enough to share her problems. They eventually make up and ends in love.
6 “A Kiss Whispered to the Lips”
“Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite” (Japanese: 唇とキスで呟いて)
Yūna × Nanami
  • JP: ( )
Nanami’s love affair with one of the school’s idols, Yuna, remains a secret. However, they are having trouble concealing their true feelings from everyone.
7 “I Want Your Sweet Enchanting Kisses”
“Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chū” (Japanese: あまくてほしくてとろけるちゅう)
Runa × Takako
  • JP: ( )
This game introduces a new couple: Takako Suminoe, a young and still inexperienced teacher at the elementary department of St. Michael’s Academy, and one of her students, the daring ojō-sama Runa Hōraisen.
8 “Dyed with an Angel’s Petals”
“Tenshi no Hanabira Zome” (Japanese: 天使の花びら染め)
Eris × Shizuku
  • JP: ( )
While class representative Shizuku Kirishima has foreign exchange student Eris Shitogi under her wing, a faintly glowing love settles into her heart. However, Shizuku thinks her nagging personality landed on her crush’s bad side.
9 “Sweet Grown-up Kisses”
“Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chū” (Japanese: あまくておとなのとろけるちゅう)
Runa × Takako
  • JP: ( )
Takako Suminoe and Runa Hōraisen’s first date.
10 “Lily Platinum”
“Riri.Purachinamu” (Japanese: リリ・プラチナム)
Eris × Shizuku
  • JP: ( )
The students create a fan club dedicated to Eris known as “Lily Platinum”.
11 “Maidens of Michael”
“Mikaeru no Otome-tachi” (Japanese: ミカエルの乙女たち)
Risa × Miya, Yūna × Nanami, Sara × Kaede, Mai × Reo, Eris × Shizuku, Runa × Takako
  • JP: ( )
Risa Azumi once fights with the class troublemaker, Miya Ayase. As couples and spur-of-the-moment couples alike were flirtatiously carrying on, the whole school is abuzz with excitement over the “St. Michael’s Best Couple” poll being conducted by the student volunteers. While resigning themselves, the two decided to go along with it.
12 “Lovers of the Atelier”
“Atelier no Koibito-tachi” (Japanese: アトリエの恋人たち)
Risa × Miya
  • JP: ( )
The dust has settled from the boisterous Best Couple’s events, and Risa has returned to her laid-back daily lifestyle. Although Miya continues to flaunt her chronic truancy in Risa’s face, their days are full of joy. They once again find themselves passing the time in the attic of the old school building, in the secret atelier known only to them as has become their habit. Risa asks Miya to tell her the story of how she discovered this place.
13 “Snow White’s Knight”
“Shirayuki no Kishi” (Japanese: 白雪の騎士)
Rikka x Sayuki, Risa × Miya, Yūna × Nanami, Sara × Kaede, Mai × Reo
  • JP: ( )
Ria, who has now moved on to her second year of high school, has been hearing around campus that the new freshmen are bubbling over with excitement over the Best Couples poll. Risa was selected as a Best Couple along with Mita due to her classmates’ misconceptions. Although she rejected it at first, the two of them now share a fully mutual love as they spend their days together. This year’s freshmen are Sayuki Shirakawa, a talented scholar and athlete who is being hailed as “The Perfect Lady”, along with Rikka Shinozaki, a girl who set a national record in the 100 meter dash shortly after enrolling.
14 “My Sworn Love for You”
“Anata ni Chikau Ai” (Japanese: あなたに誓う愛)
Eris × Shizuku
  • JP: ( )
15 “Remembering How We Met”
“Deatta Koro no Omoide ni” (Japanese: 出会った頃の思い出に)
Risa × Miya
  • JP: ( )
  • NA: ( )
Risa and Miya reminisce on how they first met, and what they were like before they became a couple.[4]
16 “The Day we First Met”
“Hajimete Deatta Ano Hi Kara” (Japanese: 初めて出逢ったあの日から)
Risa × Miya
  • JP: ( )
This episode is the Windows version of Remembering How We Met with added H scenes.

Angels series [edit ]

The Angels series is a by-product involving choose couplings of nurses of the correspond St. Michael ‘s General Hospital. These releases can be identified with a blue coloring .

No. Title Couple(s) Original release date
1 “The Angel’s Longing”
“Tenshi no Akogare” (Japanese: 天使のあこがれ)
Chiaki x Ringo
  • JP: ( )
Ringo Aihara, who is in her first year at the nursing school, has decided to room with Chiaki Takao, an old family friend from back home. However, once they actually start living together, Ringo comes to realize that Chiaki takes much worse care of herself than she imagined, and is at the same time a very physically affectionate person.
2 “The Angels’ Spring Love”
“Tenshi-tachi no Harukoi” (Japanese: 天使たちの春恋)
Yūno x Satsuki
  • JP: ( )
Yūno had just been admitted to nursing school and was filled with a desire to watch over her classmate and roommate, Satsuki. Satsuki was admitted to nursing school with top marks, but she wasn’t very aware of her surroundings, and her ability to get by on her own was extremely poor. From now on, Yūno spent her days fulfilled in the role of an accomplished older girl taking care of an inept younger sister.
3 “The Angels’ Promise”
“Tenshi-tachi no Yaksoku” (Japanese: 天使たちの約束)
Narumi x Akira
  • JP: ( )

New Generation serial [edit ]

A series featuring students from the annex school. It can be identified by the semblance green in the subtitles .

No. Title Couple(s) Original release date
1 “The New Generation!”
“Nyū Jene!” (Japanese: にゅーじぇね!)
Rina × Nagisa, Ai × Aya, Hazuki × Manami
  • JP: ( )
  • NA: ( )
2 “Revolution! Rinagisa”
“Reboryūshon! Rinagisa” (Japanese: れぼりゅーしょん! りなぎさ)
Rina x Nagisa
  • JP: ( )

other spinoffs [edit ]

No. Title Couple(s) Original release date
1 “Hanahira!” (Japanese: はなひらっ!) Kaori x Amane, Makoto x Koharu
  • JP: ( )
Created to appeal to a more general audiences. This game takes place in a separate continuity from the main and Angels series and introduces four brand new characters.
2 “Yuririn” (Japanese: ゆりりん) Risa x Miya, Mai x Reo, Rikka x Sayuki
  • JP: ( )

light novels [edit ]

A light novel serial written by Shinichirō Sano and illustrated by Peko is being published by Luminocity. The beginning volume was released on August 19, 2007, and since then, there have been a total of fourteen volumes released .

Title Pairing
Christmas for the two of us (



Nanami × Yūna
Vacation for the Two of Us (



Kaede × Sara
Summer for the Two of Us (



Mai × Reo
Valentines for the Two of Us (



Nanami × Yūna
The Curtain Call Never Ends (



Kaede × Sara
One More Lovers Kiss (



Mai × Reo
Extra Story (



Nanami × Yūna
Bewitching Kiss on the Southern Island!: (



Takako × Runa
A Valentine Rhapsody (



Eris × Shizuku
Tight Summer Squeeze! (



Mai × Reo
Couple’s Goal Tape! (



Takako × Runa
Wrapped In Your Warmth (



Eris × Shizuku
Extra Story 2 (

番外総集編 2


Kaede × Sara
Spring Splash (



Risa × Miya

Drama CDs [edit ]

On December 22, 2007, three drama CDs were published, containing stories with the characters from the first six games. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] On November 27, 2010, a fourth drama four hundred was announced. [ 8 ]

Anime OVA [edit ]

An anime OVA titled Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi ( その花びらにくちづけを : あなたと恋人つなぎ, light up. “ A Kiss for the Petals : Becoming Your Lover ” ) was produced by chuchu studios, directed by Masayuki Sakoi, and was released in Japan on July 30, 2010. Based on the third base game, it follows Mai and Reo after they confess their sexual love to one another. To coincide the release of the OVA, the one-third game was re-released with some improvements and typographic erroneousness discipline. [ 9 ]

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