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Seven Mortal Sins, besides known as Sin: The 7 Deadly Sins ( drop the ball 七つの大罪, Shin: Nanatsu no Taizai ), is a japanese zanzibar copal television series animated by Artland and TNK that aired from April 14, 2017 to July 29, 2017. It is an adaptation of Hobby Japan ‘s media franchise The 7 Deadly Sins ( 七つの大罪, Nanatsu no Taizai ), which primarily consists of a series of fantasy figures. The Seven Heavenly Virtues, besides known as Seven Heavenly Virtues ( 七つの美徳, Nanatsu no Bitoku ), is a japanese anime television series animated by Bridge that aired from January 26 to March 30, 2018. It is an adaptation of Hobby Japan ‘s media franchise The Seven Heavenly Virtues ( 七つの美徳, Nanatsu no Bitoku ), which chiefly consists of a series of fantasy figures .

plot [edit ]

Lucifer, one of God ‘s archangels, is denounced for rebelling against the Almighty ‘s will and cast out of Heaven. She is forced into a brief stop by crashing into a high school ‘s church service, where a unseasoned female child, Maria Totsuka, witnesses her arrival. After Lucifer has infused the girlfriend with a part of her saint ‘s blood, she continues her fall into the depths of Hell, where she is met by Leviathan, the aspiring minor Demon Lord of Envy.

soon after, Lucifer is challenged by the Seven Sins, the rule Demon Lords of Hell, led by Belial. Bundling their powers, the Seven Sins overcome Lucifer and seal away her angelic powers by fitting her with a cursed Garb of Punishment, thereby turning her into a Demon Lord. Swearing revenge on her defeaters, Lucifer returns with Leviathan to Earth, where she turns Maria into her immortal slave. With her two sidekicks in tow, Lucifer sets out to defeat the Seven Sins one at a fourth dimension in order to sunder their powers imbuing her Garb .

Characters [edit ]

main characters [edit ]

Lucifer (


, Rushifā ) / Pride (


, Gōman )

Voiced by : Eri Kitamura ( japanese ) ; Nicole Endicott ( English )[1]
Formerly the first of the Archangels of Heaven and the former leader of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, she was denounced and cast out of Heaven for her rebellion against the will of God, who seeks the destruction of both mankind and Hell for their inherent (but inevitable) corruption. After battling the Seven Mortal Sins for the first time, she is cursed by Belial with the Garb of Punishment, a barbed tattoo-like body-chain empowered by the Seven Sins which inhibits her angelic powers and torments her with constant pain and blood-letting. But while Lucifer’s immense pride was the cause for her fall from Heaven, it also proves to be her strongest weapon against both the predations of the Seven Sins and the power of God.
Maria Totsuka (

十束 真莉亜

, Totsuka Maria )

Voiced by : Megumi Toda ( japanese ) ; Madeleine Morris ( English )[1]
A shy, soft-spoken teenage human girl who has worshipped Lucifer all her life when she was still an angel. She initially encounters Lucifer during a brief stopover in the middle of her descent to Hell. Maria becomes Lucifer’s servant when Lucifer rips out her heart, granting her immortality and eternal youth; and though initially unwilling, Maria becomes gradually quite taken with her new mistress. In the final episode, it is revealed that Lucifer has been aware of Maria’s dedication to her, which is the primary reason why Lucifer rebelled against God’s decision to destroy humanity and why they were destined to meet in the first place.
Leviathan (


, Reviatan ) /

Envy (


, Shitto )

Voiced by : Akane Fujita ( japanese ) ; Brittany Lauda ( English )[1]
The aspiring Demon Lord of Envy, she becomes instantly infatuated with Lucifer upon the latter’s arrival in Hell and makes herself into the fallen angel’s sidekick. She is therefore continuously jealous of Maria because she receives the better part of Lucifer’s attention, though the two are quite capable of working together if it serves Lucifer’s interests. She has the ability to control water and water creatures.

Supporting characters [edit ]

The Seven Heavenly Virtues [edit ]

Media [edit ]

Manga [edit ]

zanzibar copal [edit ]

An anime television series adaptation was announced in August 2016. [ 5 ] The anime was directed by Kinji Yoshimoto at studio apartment Artland and TNK, with scripts written by Masashi Suzuki. Masaru Yokoyama and Hiroaki Tsutsumi produced the series ‘ music. The opening theme “ My Sweet Maiden ” and ending subject “ welcome to our demonic paradise ” were both sung by Mia REGINA. [ 6 ] The anime premiered on April 14, 2017 on AT-X with foster broadcasts on Tokyo MX & BS11. The series ended on July 29, 2017. The series ran for 12 episodes. [ 7 ] Crunchyroll streamed the series. [ 8 ] Funimation has licensed the series in North America. [ 9 ] Universal Pictures in the first place announced that they would release the series in the UK, [ 10 ] but it was late announced that MVM Entertainment will be distributing the series. [ 11 ] An zanzibar copal television series adaptation of Hobby Japan ‘s media franchise The Seven Heavenly Virtues that aired from January 26 to March 30, 2018, on AT-X. [ 3 ] The series is a by-product concentrate on the titular Heavenly Virtues descending on earth from the Heavens to search for a suitable campaigner to be the new Messiah. It is directed by Shinji Ishihira at Bridge. [ 12 ] The open subject is “ Psychomachia ” by Yousei Teikoku. The series ran for 10 episodes and has 2 OVAs. [ 13 ] Sentai Filmworks have licensed the series and streamed it on “ choice digital outlets ”. [ 14 ]

bet on [edit ]

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