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Judging by the replies, I might be the merely one that can see a hypothesis of Rin and Sess being a copulate in the future. Well, here goes.

I think that fatherly is excessively strong of a bible to describe Sesshomaru ‘s relationship with Rin. even more confuse is when they say that Sesshomaru “ adopted ” Rin. Rin was the one that followed Sesshomaru on her own accord and that is how it has constantly been. He did n’t tell her to come, she precisely came. If anything, their relationship is nothing more than a follower/followee or protector/ward type of thing. He did not fair adopt and raise her out of the blasphemous like so many people claim he did. Sesshomaru ‘s story was not to become a father to a human, to fall in sleep together with a human or to love humans. It was to free himself from his founder and resist on his own as a daiyoukai, and to do that, he needed to master the Tenseiga and his emotional submit needed to change. Sesshomaru was incapable of loving anyone — romantically or otherwise before he learned compassion.

Sesshomaru was incapable of being fatherly, and no, he did not raise her. He did not parent her or fend for her. Rin was forced to care for herself under the circumstance of following him and she was not coddled like many fathers would the daughters they adored. He had identical circumscribed interactions with her except when it concerned her base hit. early than that, she was allowed to do as she pleased. And using the excuse that he was showing her independence is evacuate. She was already independent and fending for herself when he met her in the forest. And, of naturally, Rin is merely a child with a childlike view of her surroundings. When Sesshomaru tells her to do something like to stay back or not to touch a poisonous snake and she obeys him, she does so because she obviously respects authority and trusts him to protect her. Her desire for his return whenever he ventures off is all because she plainly wants to be by his slope. It is however ambiguous and does not necessarily indicate that she views him as a don.

Over time, Sesshomaru ‘s compassion for Rin gradually grew and his increasing emotional express over the naturally of the series allowed him to master the Tenseiga. Her courage and doggedness ( her ability to smile despite being beaten up ), which made him revive her in the first place, planted the seeds of compassion. And it ‘s interest why Rin ‘s smile convinced him to test the Tenseiga. In that moment, Rin was stronger than him. even though she was bruised up like he was, she was still able to smile. As she traveled with him, she started to trust him more and more with her animation as he would protect her. This reminds me more of the moral force of Kagome and Inuyasha ‘s relationship, minus the quixotic chemical element, of course.

I do n’t understand why people act as if Sesshomaru watched Rin grow up. technically, she traveled with him for no more than a year before she was sent to “ practice ” with Kaede. When Kagome was pulled into the well, she was in the 9th grade. After Naraku ‘s death, the year was over and she was forced back into her time. It took her three more years to graduate school and then return to the Feudal era to be with Inuyasha.

It was after Rin died that second time that I think Sesshomaru learned what it sincerely meant to be feel for and the gloominess of losing something you treasure, which is Rin. Notice how with Rin ‘s death, he was able to mature Tenseiga and experience the sadness of losing person he cared about, not with Kagura as many love to claim. He felt anger on her behalf, but he felt no sadness from losing her. Digressing on Kagura for a moment, it was because of Rin that Sesshomaru felt compassion for Kagura, to begin with. Up until her end, Sesshomaru showed short to no interest in Kagura any as he felt that she was only trying to use him, much like how Naraku uses people. Naraku used Sesshomaru before to try to kill Inuyasha, but we saw how that ended up, properly ? Anyways, the lone prison term Kagura was able to garner Sesshomaru ‘s attention was when she came with information on Naraku ‘s whereabouts. Sesshomaru was mindful this stallion time that Kagura depended on his might to kill Naraku and free her, I think that screen of fed his ego. When she was killed and Mouryomaru slandered Kagura, he ( and Inuyasha ) were intelligibly enraged. Sesshomaru, chiefly because he could not accomplish something that person was relying on him to do and it was a coke to his pride. Both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru knew that Kagura depended on them and both felt they needed to honor her death by killing Naraku so her wishes would not be in conceited.

When Rin died again, he realized for the first time that Rin ‘s life was cute to him and meant more to him than obtaining power. He held this belief that if something were to happen to her, he could bring her back with his Tenseiga. He was besides arrogant and needed a reality match. That was the concluding examination in him mastering the Tenseiga, awakening the sadness and fear of losing a loved one. After her death, you start to see him express concern for her more openly, like him calling her name mentally, etc. The Inuyasha and Kagome phenomenon is what I like to call it.

You can see the fear all over him in chapter 537 page 9 when she ‘s getting sucked into Naraku ‘s human body.

Sesshomaru ‘s mother promptly takes notice of the growing compassion in her son and claims that he became soft, which explains the “ All this mother over one human female child … He ‘s become like his don in the strangest ways ” comment. There is an indication that Sesshomaru holds the lapp compassion for Rin that Inu no Tashio held for Izayoi. The “ strangest ways ” of her statement is understand as a apparently perfective youkai like Sesshomaru who previously held an intense hate for humans was now risking his life and a grand opportunity to strengthen his sword for a human girlfriend. The entire musical arrangement was strange to his beget from the getgo when he showed up with two human children at his side. From the time he showed up at the castle, he never hesitated to protect Rin and Kohaku and willingly jumped into the meido after them. ( I love how Rin ‘s name was the entirely one Jaken called out to Sesshomaru because he knows how much he cares for her. )

last, I want to address the final chapter and my interpretation of their situation after Naraku ‘s death. This is the beginning of Sesshomaru and Rin bringing their relationship to a flat that is beyond just a follower/followee and we see that Sesshomaru is beginning to have interactions with Rin beyond just pertaining to her guard and ones that actually build a relationship at that. Whether you interpret his gift-giving as fatherly or as woo is up to you. Rin has served her purpose in Sesshomaru ‘s life as the catalyst to him mastering his Tenseiga, so far Sesshomaru still makes her a character of his life with visits. Some people may say that he is courting her and some may say that he is just doing what a “ father does for his daughter. ” It is implied that Sesshomaru is n’t precisely giving her gifts, but he is lavishing her with them. Kaede ‘s “ Did Sesshomaru bring you something again ? ” means that Sesshomaru brings Rin these gifts unusually much. Again, it is up to you whether you interpret this as fatherly or him courting her. But consider this, the context of the entire thing is on Rin someday choosing to remain in the village or returning to Sesshomaru. Knowing that Rin will someday age into a woman, do you think she will choose to return to him as a daughter or as a bridget ?

I have listened to the Inuyasha Drama CD where Sesshomaru makes a confession to Rin. Although the audio is non-canon and has a parody find to it at times, I find that the feelings Sesshomaru expressed in his confession are very accurate to how canon Sesshomaru may feel by the end of the series after three years. He expresses how he will gladly come to Rin if she ever needs him and he hopes that someday after she has had time to come to terms with how she feels, she will come back to him. It ‘s hilarious because, on the cadmium, Sesshomaru even has to visit his father ‘s dangerous for advice on how to ask Rin to become his bride. so, yes, I think his feelings on that cadmium confession are accurate. The funny thing about it is that you would never hear something like this square from Sesshomaru ‘s mouth, obviously because he would n’t know how to express it. ( The tongue-twister was the only way Sesshomaru was capable of expressing it and Rin understood it immediately while everyone else did n’t ) Yes, Rin was probably 12 or 13 during the plant of the certificate of deposit, but remember, Inuyasha and Kagome started developing amatory feelings for the other when she was 15. Yet neither of them physically acted on these feelings, even after she came bet on and was 18 years old. The feelings can decidedly be salute, but acting on these emotions is the real offspring when one party is considered minor. even though Kagome was considered a woman in the feudal era, she was from the modern earned run average, so that did n’t fly with her for obvious reasons. At most, there were a few hugs here or there and an casual handhold, but no kisses. Inuyasha has besides seen Kagome naked several times, despite her being minor according to the modern era. Her 15-year-old naked body is inexplicitly drawn a few times in the manga, so, there ‘s besides that. With Sesshomaru and Rin, the entirely affection that was shown occur after she had been revived the second time. Note the fact that he did n’t show this affection until AFTER he had matured his Tenseiga and learned compassion.

This is just my opinion after all and I am only going by context. In a set of ways, Rin and Sesshomaru mirror Kagome and Inuyasha. Thanks to Kagome, Inuyasha learned how to trust, how to smile, relying on his companions, and how to feel sadness for others. Thanks to Rin, Sesshomaru learned compassion and possibly the value of company as well. Rin is the Kagome to Sesshomaru ‘s Inuyasha. And good as Kagome chose to leave the modern populace and stay with Inuyasha in the Feudal era once she was of age, it alludes that Rin must besides make the lapp decision when she ages : to stay in the village with humans or return to live with Sesshomaru. And judging by how Sesshomaru visits and his little ‘courtship ‘, I think she will choose to return to him in the end. Besides, Kohaku ( who does n’t visit the village much ), she has no real relationship to anyone. And looking at your post, how can you assume that Sesshomaru was making certain Rin received provisions or that she was properly clothed when she already had on a decent looking Kimono when she received the new one ? We are merely shown that Sesshomaru dropped off a new Kimono to Rin and Kaede implies that Sesshomaru does this often, which means he is lavishing her with them. You ca n’t assume that Sesshomaru is doing the fatherly duty of making certain Rin is receiving provisions when we are only shown the equivocal scenario of Rin unfolding a kimono from him — which can mean anything. If it were such an innocent act as that, would n’t Takahashi actually include the panel of him giving her the kimono and provide more context to what focus the relationship is forming ?

I believe a romantic relationship is possible and very probable in the future if Rin chooses to return to Sesshomaru. She trusts him and entrust is one of the foundations of build romantic feelings. It is besides the basis of Inuyasha/Kagome ‘s AND Rin/Sesshomaru ‘s relationship.

Sesshomaru ‘s fib is n’t centered around falling in love with anybody, let alone a human, but it was thanks to a human that he was able to set himself free and become a stronger monster. No, in the manga, Sesshomaru was not in love with Rin nor did he view her as a daughter. He was on a journey to find himself and Rin was the compass.

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