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Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – The Myth of Hades ( japanese : 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ) The Lost Canvas 冥王神話, Hepburn : Seinto Seiya Za Rosuto Kyanbasu – Meiō Shinwa ), besides known as merely The Lost Canvas, is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shiori Teshirogi. It is a by-product based on the manga series Saint Seiya, which was created, written and illustrated by japanese generator Masami Kurumada. The Lost Canvas was published by Akita Shoten in the Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine since August 24, 2006, concluding after 223 chapters on April 6, 2011, with twenty-five tankōbon released. originally envisioned as a amusing book whose purpose was to work simultaneously with Kurumada ‘s Saint Seiya: Next Dimension as a multi-angle interpretation of the shared elements of its storyline, which stems from an event mentioned in Kurumada ‘s original Saint Seiya manga ; the approach was promptly abandoned, as both works greatly diverged, Kurumada ‘s Next Dimension stayed as the canonic tattle of these events, and The Lost Canvas as a freestanding alternate repeat. [ citation needed ] The floor takes place in the eighteenth hundred, and focuses on how an orphan known as Tenma becomes one of Athena ‘s 88 warriors known as Saints and finds himself in a war fighting against his best friend Alone who is revealed to be the reincarnation of Athena ‘s biggest enemy, the God Hades. [ 1 ] In June 2009, TMS Entertainment started adapting the manga in original television liveliness format, producing 26 episodes, which followed the generator material closely and occasionally expanded on it. Teshirogi besides started releasing a by-product series from Lost Canvas two months after the chief serialization ended. Titled Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – The Myth of Hades – Anecdotes ( 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ) The Lost Canvas 冥王神話 外伝, Seinto Seiya Za Rosuto Kyanbasu – Meiō Shinwa Gaiden ), the by-product focuses on short stories related to respective Saints before the events described in the independent serial. On April 23, 2012, it was announced in the Shōnen Champion cartridge holder that The Lost Canvas was to change from a weekly to a monthly publication the watch June, and shifting to the newly created cartridge holder, Akita ‘s Bessatsu Shōnen Champion, supplementary to Shōnen Champion, resuming publish of the remaining Anecdotes chapters in that date. [ 2 ]

In May 2013, TMS announced via its Twitter history that there were no plans for a third gear season for The Lost Canvas anime adaptation. [ 3 ] Additionally, a limited chapter of the manga was announced, to commemorate Kurumada ‘s fortieth anniversary as a manga artist .

plot [edit ]

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas tells the story of the previous Holy War, taking position in the eighteenth hundred, 250 years before the original serial, in the Saint Seiya universe. The narrative centers on the battle between Tenma, one of the 88 Saints following Athena, and alone, the reincarnation of the God Hades. [ 4 ] While the two were close childhood friends in Greece alongside Alone ‘s sister, Sasha, the trio separated. Sasha was sent first to the Sanctuary and then, a short time later, Tenma was sent to the Sanctuary excessively ; while Tenma had the Cosmos, the Saints ‘ energy, wake up, Sasha was revealed to be the reincarnation of Athena. As years passes, everything that Alone paints is destroyed, and he is convinced that death means salvation by the deity Hypnos and his follower Pandora. alone then gathers Hades ‘ soldiers, the 108 Specters to start a war against Athena. During the war, the Saints and the Specters face off. Tenma and Sasha have to deal with Alone who starts making the “ Lost Canvas ”, a huge paint of the earth, in the sky, so that after he finishes it, the stallion populace will die. With Alone still not being amply controlled by the soul of Hades, Pandora, aboard Hypnos and his brother Thanatos lead the Specters. however, as the two Gods are sealed by the former Saints Pope Sage and his twin brother Altar Hakurei, Alone invites the few remaining Saints to the Demonic Temples located in the Lost Canvas. Once the Saints go through the Temples, it is revealed that Alone is not possessed by Hades and is alternatively using the god ‘s powers for his own motives. additionally, Tenma ‘s parents, Mephistopheles Yōma and Owl Partita appear as Specters in the Temples to force their son to transform his protective Pegasus Bronze Cloth into the most brawny armor, God Cloth. With the God Cloth, Tenma and his future reincarnations will be able to fight the Gods and care Athena in ending all wars. Following several battles in the Temples, Tenma faces alone one-on-one with the former wield to defeat the latter, causing the Lost Canvas ‘ end. curtly afterwards, Alone is possessed by Hades who aims to kill Athena. Hades is forced by the soul from the die Saints to escape to the final Demonic Temple, and Tenma, Sasha, and alone decide to follow him. The three manage to defeat Hades but they never return to Earth. The two surviving Saints, Libra Dohko and Aries Shion, then prepare for a possible future war against Hades. Libra Dohko was assigned to permanently watch over the cachet of Hades and 108 specters, while Aries Shion reconstructs and leads the Athena ‘s Sanctuary .

Development [edit ]

Shiori Teshirogi met Masami Kurumada in a populace consequence she once visited during the time she was a new manga generator. In such consequence, Teshirogi sent Kurumada the first base manga she made deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a letter which made Kurumada ask her to write The Lost Canvas. Although she was happy with such proposal due to the fact Saint Seiya has always been her favorite manga, she found troubles writing it since she used to write shōjo and Lost Canvas was meant to be from the genre shōnen. In order to do that, Teshirogi had to change versatile things from her dash such as the narration and getting used to how to draw fights. Before the manga started, Kurumada sent Teshirogi a general version of the manga ‘s report, but equally long as the series continued, she started changing some parts after discussing with people from Akita Shoten. additionally, the characters designs and Cloths were based on the second season from the Saint Seiya anime adaptation ( known as Asgard ), but she combined them with her own manner. [ 5 ] When Teshirogi was purposed to start The Lost Canvas she was informed that the series would last a few volumes. however, when the one-tenth bulk was published, she was surprised by the serial ‘ length which she found amazing. [ 6 ] In the lay down of the series, emotions are what Teshirogi pays care the most when she is drawing which makes remake several of the illustrations she makes. In both Saint Seiya and Lost Canvas, her favorite character is the Pegasus Saint, who has become the one she likes drawing the most. [ 5 ] When creating Tenma, Lost Canvas ‘s Pegasus Saint, Teshirogi checked if Tenma ‘s words would be like the ones from Seiya, but she realized that both characters had different personalities. [ 7 ] The Cancer, Pisces and Taurus Gold Saints were developed with Teshirogi ‘s idea of what she could do with the ones from the original series. When she received comments that these three Lost Canvas Gold Saints are more interest than the ones from the original series, she answered that she did not mean to give them any particular treatment. The characters ‘ names are created according to their origins and configuration such as Pisces Albafica whose “ Alba “ dowry of his name was developed when Teshirogi was thinking of roses ‘ names. [ 5 ]

Media [edit ]

Manga [edit ]

The Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas chapters were published by Akita Shoten in the Weekly Shōnen Champion cartridge holder since August 24, 2006. The first bulk was published on December 12, 2006, and twenty-five tankōbon collecting the work were released. A short fib comprised in 40 pages, or gaiden, titled Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – Meiō Shinwa– Yuzuriha Gaiden – Chizumi no Mon ( 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ) The Lost Canvas 冥王神話 ユズリハ外伝 血墨の紋 ) was published on October 16, 2009, in the issues 11 and 12 of Akita Shōten ‘s Princess Gold comics magazine, which is oriented towards a female majority demographic. The story is set in the same continuity of Lost Canvas and far explores the past and motivations of the character Yuzuriha, and her younger brother Tokusa, american samoa well as her position of the events surrounding the resurrection of Hades. This episode has yet to be included in a tankōbon compilation. [ 8 ] In the final examination chapter The Lost Canvas, a new serial of short stories focusing on the Gold Saints was announced. Simply titled Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – Anecdotes ( 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ) The Lost Canvas 冥王神話 外伝 ), [ 9 ] the first chapter was published on May 19, 2011 .

OVAs [edit ]

An original video recording animations ( OVAs ) series premiered in Japan on June 24, 2009. The production is by TMS Entertainment while Osamu Nabeshima is the director and Yoshiyuki Suga the writer. The first season comprises thirteen OVAs, each 30 minutes in distance. All the OVA episodes were released on DVD and Blu-ray format by VAP. [ 10 ] Season 1 ended on April 21, 2010, with the release of the eleventh, one-twelfth and thirteenth episodes. [ 11 ] The irregular season premiered on February 23, 2011, adding thirteen more OVAs to the series. Season 2 ended on July 20, 2011, with the publish of OVAs 24, 25, and 26. [ 12 ] [ 13 ] In January 2011, Crunchyroll announced they would stream the series on the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. [ 14 ] The master invention was unveiled at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009. [ 15 ] Discotek Media licensed the OVA series for a DVD handout in North America and set a preliminary release go steady for November 24, 2015 but the release was delayed to December 8, 2015. [ 16 ] [ 17 ] In August 2018, it was revealed that VSI Los Angeles had been commissioned by Netflix to make an english knight for the serial. [ 18 ] presently, TMS confirmed it has no plans for resuming production of the OVA series, leaving a big fortune of the original manga not adapted to animation. [ 3 ]

Season Episodes DVD and Blu-ray release dates
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Complete OVA series
1 13 June 24, 2009[19] August 21, 2009[20] October 21, 2009[21] December 23, 2009[22] February 23, 2010[23] April 21, 2010[11] December 8, 2015 (North American)[17]
2 13 February 23, 2011[12] March 18, 2011[24] April 20, 2011[25] May 18, 2011[26] June 22, 2011[27] July 20, 2011[13]

trade [edit ]

The Lost Canvas has spawned a few merchandise items. Two CDs have been released, one with the open and ending theme songs called “ Realm of Athena ” and “ Hana no Kusari ” respectively. The other cadmium contains the original soundtrack for the first season of the anime adaptation, released on September 25, 2009. Two characters from the serial, Pegasus Tenma and Bennu Kagaho, have been released as function of Bandai ‘s Saint Seiya – Myth Cloth design series. early trade include a microfiber towel, a air pocket mirror and two puzzles. [ 28 ]

A four hundred Drama about one of Athena ‘s Saints, Pisces Albafica has been released. The compact disk is presently only available to people that have purchased the first base pressings of all 6 DVD or Blu-ray volumes of the Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas animation. alone people in Japan are eligible to be sent the candle. [ 28 ] An artbook named Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas – The Myth of Hades Illustrations ( 聖闘士星矢(セイントセイヤ) The Lost Canvas 冥王神話画集, Seinto Seiya Za Rosuto Kyanbasu – Meiō Shinwa Gashū ) was released on March 18, 2016, to coincide with the free of the concluding chapter of “ The Lost Canvas : Anecdotes ” serialization and the tenth anniversary of The Lost Canvas series. [ 29 ]

reception [edit ]

During its first base week, the volume 13 from the manga sold 25,238 copies in Japan. [ 30 ] All the Gaiden volumes of Lost Canvas did not enter the top 30 best-selling manga in Japan. During its first week, the Lost Canvas Gaiden 2 sold 21,000 copies in Japan and stood on the thirtieth place of most sold manga in December 2011. [ 31 ] During its first workweek, the Lost Canvas Gaiden 8 sold 24,000 copies in Japan and stood on the forty-fourth set of most sold manga in August 2013. [ 32 ] During its first gear week, the Lost Canvas Gaiden 9 sold 19,100 copies in Japan and stood on the forty-eighth stead of most sold manga in December 2013. [ 33 ] During its first base workweek, the Lost Canvas Gaiden 10 sold 22,000 copies in Japan and stood on the forty-seventh place of most sold manga in June 2014. [ 34 ] According to a booklet that came along with the fifth Anecdotes volume, the twenty-five volumes of The Lost Canvas has sold about 6.7 million copies merely in Japan. [ 35 ] The zanzibar copal serial has received by and large positive reviews by zanzibar copal critics. It has been praised for it being accessible to viewers who have no cognition of the original Saint Seiya despite being a prequel, and at the lapp time it allows fans from the original to view events from a unlike point of view. [ 36 ] [ 37 ] While the use of characters was noted to be park within japanese series in general, the pitch from respective of them such as Tenma ‘s and Alone ‘s relationship was noted to be enjoyable. [ 37 ] The liveliness was noted for standing out “ beautifully ” largely in fights. [ 38 ] Although the attacks performed by the quality was found unintentionally curious by UK Anime Network as a consequence of its names, the noteworthy display of violence made the reviewer wonder whether the show should be aimed towards a new audience. [ 37 ] In the consultation with Nelson Akira Sato, president of the audiovisual distributor Sato Company, official allocator of The Lost Canvas in Brasil, confirmed that the original writer, Masami Kurumada did not renew the rights with TMS Entertainment to continue with the animize adaptation of the manga. [ 39 ]

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