Working together in the past as assistant conductor and conductor this team of teacher and student brings us two films in one. They partake the same lead and some qualities that one can alone assume were planted into Kim Tai-sik by his teacher Park Chul-su. These films seem to only fit together only in the minds of our directors. The documentaries at the startle give us a bite of insight into the overall theme, but in the end they are separate works that must be looked at individually.

Black Wedding

We are told that Park Chul-su is looking to defy conventionality by using a cliché social organization in the documentary part. The viewer is given an older professor in love with his new student. Newcomer Oh In-Hye, plays this youthful student. much of the films ballyhoo was ignited when Oh showed up at the BIFF premier with a attire that left very little to the imagination.

The biggest disappointment is Oh ‘s performance. She portrays little in the manner of emotion, and seems to be precisely a shallow and selfish twenty something looking out for herself. One is not certain if Oh is even acting. She is ether cold and selfish or naked for the better part of the film. We are not allowed to enter her mind. Our professor played by C list actor Jo Seong-mok has simply drifted into the sad state of a serviceman that has been seduced.

Park showed us his magnificence with Green Chair, a film that sincerely works on many levels. hera Park is a twist with a television camera and offering identical fiddling to the imagination. The film is at times beautiful, however all of the above-mentioned issues overshadow any brilliance left in Park.

This might fill the seats of some theaters, however with Korea ‘s current lack of independent screening venues this film is destined for a life of downloads by fans of pornography not of film.

Red Vacance

In complete contrast to its tag team film, Red Vacance is a delight. What is going on inside the head of our conductor is matter to and sick at the like meter. Kim Tai-sik gives dark comedy and venture wrapped in the simpleton story of a chat up conserve played by Jo Seong-mok.

Kim tai-sik showed capital sight in his previous film, Driving With My Wife’s Lover, an intensely blue and wind narrative of an afar mix with supernatural elements.

Kim blends bits of human emotion with that of our animal instincts. This movie might not display solid act, however Kim worked with what he had at hand. Using minimal dialogue and wide-eyed shots he brings the viewer into the strange little universe that he has created.

The two films show what is good and what is wrong with korean film. Old school exploitation can make way for wit and creativity. One quality they both share is the production. Shoestring budgets for local independent films is nothing new, however both films do look beautiful despite the being films on digital video.

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