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1991 movie by Michael Mak

Sex and Zen ( taiwanese : 玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑, “ The Carnal Prayer Mat ‘s Stash of Illicit Love ” ) is a 1991 Hong Kong erotic arouse comedy film directed by Michael Mak and starring Lawrence Ng and Amy Yip. The film is loosely based on The Carnal Prayer Mat, a taiwanese erotic fresh by seventeenth century author and dramatist Li Yu .

plot [edit ]

The narrative is about Mei Yeung-Sheng, a lascivious scholar ( Lawrence Ng ), who dares to challenge the moral teachings of the Sack Monk. The monk attempts to lecture the learner that spiritual nirvana transcends the passions of the human body but the learner, who enjoys women, does n’t agree. however, Master Iron Doors, the most herculean man in the township, marries his daughter Huk-Yeung ( Amy Yip ) to the scholar. The daughter is a pure and has been taught that sex is dirty.

Choi Kun-Lun, the flying thief ( Lo Lieh ), tells the learner that stealing early men ‘s wives requires good sexual love skills and equipment. He promises to help the learner only if he has a horse ‘s penis. Of course, the thief does not think it is possible, until the scholar returns one day, indeed, with a horse ‘s penis attached as his own. obviously, the learner met a doctor ( a cameo by Hong Kong comedian Kent Cheng ) who was able to replace anatomical reference parts. The doctor managed to transplant a horse ‘s penis to replace the learner ‘s meager one. Armed with his new 20-inch penis, the scholar goes on a intimate rampage, not caring if he is seducing other men ‘s wives or is about caught in the march. meanwhile, Huk-Yeung, after experiencing the gladden of sex, becomes sexually frustrated. She tries masturbating with paintbrushes but is left unsated until she has an affair with Wong Chut ( Elvis Tsui ), the husband of one of the wives the learner seduced, who is immediately working as Yeung-Sheng ‘s gardener. She becomes fraught and runs away with him, who out of retaliation sells her to a whorehouse. Mistress Ku, the dame ( Carrie Ng ), assaults her go to a miscarriage, originally unwilling she is coerced into becoming a prostitute and comes to enjoy her newfangled life.

The scholar has become fallible and ill due to excessively much sex ( involving two sister-in-law who are bisexual and into S & M ). He goes to the whorehouse for discussion, where he is offered the top concubine. At beginning, conserve and wife can not recognize each other ; she looks at his penis and thinks it can not be her conserve ‘s because his is modest ; he can not recognize her because his eyesight is failing. While they are having sexual activity, he takes a close expression at her figure and nipple and recognizes her. To her discouragement, he screams, shouts and calls her a dishonor. To his dismay, she runs off and hangs herself. Yeung-Sheng, wholly broken, goes back to the monk to ask for forgiveness .

Box office [edit ]

In Hong Kong, the film grossed HK $ 18,424,224. [ 1 ] This was enormous occupation considering the film was saddled with the restrictive Category III fink ( the Hong Kong equivalent of NC-17 in the US ).

Sequels [edit ]

Sex and Zen went on to spin off two sequels, Sex and Zen II and Sex and Zen III. These are not sequels in plot, as each movie illustrates a different story besides based on the sex manual of arms .

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