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1 “Peter Grill and the Ogre Sisters”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Oga no Shimai” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルとオーガの姉妹) July 11, 2020 ( ) After being crowned the strongest warrior in the world, Peter Grill plans to marry Luvelia Sanctus and remain pure for her. However, the ogre sisters Mimi and Lisa Alpacas want his seed in order to give birth to strong offspring. 2 “Peter Grill and the Future Father-in-Law”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Mirai no Gifu

” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルと未来の義父) July 18, 2020 ( ) Luvelia tells her father about her engagement to Peter, who is less than pleased about the situation. At the guild’s party that night, Mimi and Lisa blackmail Peter into mating with them until they get pregnant, taking his pants off. An embarrassing moment ensues when Luvelia, and then her father, show up. The next day, Peter, Mimi, and Lisa are in his room when a female elf looks at him from a rooftop. 3 “Peter Grill and Relationships with Elves”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Erufu no Kankei” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルとエルフの関係) July 25, 2020 ( ) When Peter wakes up from a nightmare involving Luvelia and her father, he discovers an intruder is straddling him. Said intruder is an arrogant female elf named Vegan Eldoriel. After Peter rejects her, she places a curse on him. Meanwhile, Luvelia is captured by a monster she was hunting. 4 “Peter Grill and Bathing Etiquette”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Nyūyoku no Sahō” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルと入浴の作法) August 1, 2020 ( ) Peter rescues Luvelia from the monster that captured her. Later that night at a hot spring, Peter notices that he still has an erection hours after the battle. Vegan then appears and she tells him that she placed a curse on him where he will no longer have an erection unless he has sex with her. Luvelia hears Peter and offers him the chance to join her. Forced to make a decision, Peter chooses to be with Vegan. 5 “Peter Grill and a Blind Date with an Orc”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Ōku no Endan” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルとオークの縁談) August 8, 2020 ( ) Luvelia’s possessive father receives a missive from the Great Orcland and the Southern Pork Pie Kingdom. Seeing an opportunity to get Luvelia back, he schemes to make Peter marry Piglette Pancetta, a female orc. 6 “Peter Grill and the Orc’s True Character”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Ōku no Kakusei” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルとオークの覚醒) August 15, 2020 ( ) Despite his best effort to avoid falling into the trap, Peter ends up sleeping with Piglette due to the orcs giving her an aphrodisiac and then locking them in a bedroom together. The next morning, he attempts to get out of the situation by asking her what she truly desires. At the dinner table, Piglette lies and says that she and Peter did not have sex. She then requests to be transferred to the guild so she can remain by his side. While she is alone with Peter, Piglette reveals she desires to conceive his child so she can some day exact revenge against the Orcland. 7 “Peter Grill and the Battle of the Fates”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to In’nen no Tatakai

” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルと因縁の戦い) August 22, 2020 ( ) Peter finds himself surrounded by Mimi, Lisa, Vegan, and Piglette. Since they all want to be with him, the girls agree to have a contest to see who can get him the most excited. As they continue to fight among themselves, a drunk Tim walks in and offers everyone a drink. The girls are successfully able to seduce Peter after they get drunk. The next morning, they decide that they must agree to a set of terms in order to ensure that this situation does not happen again. 8 “Peter Grill and the Secret Treaty”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Himitsu no Jōyaku” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルと秘密の条約) August 29, 2020 ( ) The girls agree to a treaty where Peter is allowed to fulfill his rigorous duties on a daily basis. On a rest day, Peter decides to go on a date with Luvelia. Later that night, as Peter is enjoying his dinner with Luvelia, Mimi shows up. A worried Peter leaves with Mimi where they have sex. When he returns to his table, he sees Vegan eating with Luvelia. He then has sex with Vegan as well. This is followed by Lisa showing up. While Peter is away, Luvelia reminisces when she fell in love with him. Once the date is over, Peter is concerned about the situation he finds himself in. 9 “Peter Grill and the Treaty’s Aftermath”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Jōyaku no Yukue” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルと条約の行方) September 5, 2020 ( ) Peter is despondent after he slept with Mimi, Vegan, and Lisa during the rest day. Piglette comforts him and they end up sleeping together. When Mimi, Vegan, and Lisa confront Piglette, Peter realizes they refuse to take responsibility for breaking the treaty. The girls then sleep with him. Afterwards, Peter runs away when he learns the girls are able to break the treaty with impunity. While he is alone, he meets an ogre who gives him some encouraging advice about love. He then reveals that he looking for the woman he loves. When Peter asks who he is looking for, the ogre reveals he is looking for a princess named Lisa Alpacas. This revelation stuns Peter. 10 “Peter Grill and the Angry Megaton Axe”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Ikari no Megaton’akkusu” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルと怒りのメガトンアックス) September 12, 2020 ( ) Peter confronts Lisa where she admits that she is indeed the crown princess of Ogrestan. Meanwhile, the ogre Peter met, Antonio Spartokos, approaches the reception desk of the guild. There, he runs into Mimi. When Lisa attempts to seduces Peter, Spartokos catches them in the act. A furious Spartokos then attacks Peter before Lisa orders him to stop, which he reluctantly does. Afterwards, Spartokos asks Lisa to come back home. However, she reveals that she will not return home until she conceives Peter’s child. Spartokos then challenges Peter to a duel for Lisa’s affection. 11 “Peter Grill and Dueling Manners”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Kettō no Kokoroe” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルと決闘の心得) September 19, 2020 ( )

At the arena, Peter decides that he is going to throw the match against Spartokos. However, his plan is thwarted when Lisa blackmails him. Peter then reluctantly defeats Spartokos. After the duel, Lisa gives Spartokos one last chance when she challenges him herself. Peter agrees to take on Spartokos as his apprentice after some convincing from Vegan and Piglette. During the training, Peter and Piglette notice that Mitchie, the guild receptionist, has fallen in love with Spartokos. A week later, Lisa and Spartokos’ duel takes place. 12 “Peter Grill and the Warrior that Shouted Love”
Transcription: ” Pītā Guriru to Ai o Sakenda Senki” (Japanese: ピーター・グリルと愛を叫んだ戦鬼) September 26, 2020 ( ) During the duel between Lisa and Spartokos, Lisa uses her breasts to distract Spartokos, which allows her to defeat him. Afterwards, when Mitchie shows up to visit Spartokos, Peter realizes what Spartokos’ problem is. When Peter tells him that he is too focused on chasing after Lisa, Spartokos is surprised until Mitchie confesses that she loves him. The next morning, Spartokos reveals to a stunned Peter that he has moved on from Lisa. Just then, Lisa expresses her gratitude to Peter for helping Spartokos and offers him the chance to join her. When Luvelia shows up, she tells him about the Goblin Invasion. Heading to the Goblins’ location, he vows to protect her. Meanwhile, they are being followed by Lisa, Mimi, Vegan, and Piglette.
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