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Kiss in the Dark
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(Papa to Kiss in the Dark)

Genre Comedy, yaoi, Incest
Light novel
Written by Ken Nanbara
Illustrated by Sae Momoki
Published by Hakusensha
Imprint Hakusensha Hanamaru Bunko
Demographic Shōjo
Published April 1999
Original video animation
Directed by Asumi Matsumura
Produced by Tomoko Ohno
Yoko Maki
Written by Yumi Kageyama
Music by CORNEA
Studio TNK
Licensed by NAKitty Media
Released November 23, 2005 – December 21, 2005
Runtime 26 minutes
Episodes 2
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Kiss in the Dark ( パパと♥KISS IN THE DARK, Papa to Kiss in the Dark, illuminated. “ Kiss in the Dark With Papa ” ) is a four-volume japanese yaoi light novel written by Ken Nanbara and illustrated by Sae Momoki. It has been adapted into an zanzibar copal OVA series animated by TNK. several drama CDs besides based on this light novel have been released. In June 2008, the zanzibar copal was licensed for release in English by Media Blasters under their Kitty Media label. [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

plot [edit ]

Mira Munakata is a freshman high school scholar involved in a amatory and sexual relationship with his father, a celebrated actor named Kyōsuke Munakata. When Kyōsuke begins acting queerly, Mira suspects that he is cheating on him. After finding his adoption papers, Mira discovers that he and Kyōsuke may not be related at all, and he believes that Kyōsuke will finally leave him for Mitsuki, an actress that Kyōsuke is rumored to be in a relationship with. In the midst of this, Mira deals with romanticist advances from his childhood friend, Kazuki, and a junior scholar from his high school, Takayuki, both of whom are in love with him. Each script in the light novel series introduces a new partner to Mira including his uncle ‘s cousin Munakata Ryousuke in the last reserve which is not shown in the OVA since the OVA only covers the foremost book in the four-volume series .

Characters [edit ]

Mira Munakata (

宗方 実良

, Munakata Mira )

Voiced by : Hikaru Midorikawa
Mira is a freshman at Hakouh High School. He has a secret affair with his father, Kyōsuke, although at first he believes that he cannot be with this one due to their consanguineous relationship. He develops jealousy by believing that his father was dating the famous movie actress, Mitsuki Utsunomiya. However, a short time later he discovers that he is not the son of Kyōsuke, who actually turns out to be his uncle, and despite this he loves him with an implacable fervor.
Kyōsuke Munakata (

宗方 鏡介

, Munakata Kyōsuke )

Voiced by : Shinichiro Miki
Kyōsuke is a famous Hollywood actor. He is Mira’s father, with whom he maintains a secret romance. His world revolves around his son and since he was young he has dedicated himself to raising him. It is known that he accepted to take charge of Mira, who is actually his nephew, when he was fourteen years old, because he did not want his older sister, Mitsuki, to lose his chance to be famous. Since then, he has raised Mira as his son.
Kazuki Hino (

日野 一樹

, Hino Kazuki )

Voiced by : Susumu Chiba

Childhood friend of Mira’s, unrequited love.
Mitsuki Utsunomiya (

宇都宮 美月

, Utsunomiya Mitsuki )

Voiced by : Masako Katsuki
Mira and Kazuki’s childhood friend. He plays the electric guitar as his moe characteristic. Not romantically involved.
Takayuki Utsunomiya (

宇都宮 貴之

, Utsunomiya Takayuki )

Voiced by : Takehito Koyasu

son to Mira Munakata ‘s biological mother, Mitsuki. Calls Mira his kitten ( 子猫ちゃん Koneko-chan ) and enters the story as the third base consummated love pastime of Mira in the second novel .

Shun Sakurai (

桜井 シュン

, Sakurai Shun )

Voiced by : Shun
Ryousuke Munakata (

宗方 涼介

, Munakata Ryousuke )

Novel only

Kyousuke Munakata ‘s cousin, and the actual founder of Mira Munakata who falls in love with Mira Munakata in the death book in the series.

Media [edit ]

Light novel [edit ]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 April 1, 1999 ( ) 978-4592871040

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