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                                               Sasuke pov
                           Its been hard in this earth of Alpha 's beta 's ... .. Omega 's. and i would now how it feels
                           To be an omega. Taking prescriptions to hide the scent that you 're in hotness feel weak and sweaty day by day when you dont take the prescriptions that were given to you 
                           I now how all that feels ... Its alike torture to us but we live how we live. If this is how life choose me
                           thus be it .
                           I was getting ready for high educate as one changed into my unform, rain priickled down my bed side window
                           I buckled my belt and walked gloomy stairs always dance step one took the step creaked iodine put my shoes on when one reached the door i opened the door and went outside
                           I promptly stopped in my lead 's 'how could i forget my umbrella ... ' I opened the door and grabbed my umbrella iodine opened my umbrella and walked in the rain
                           ( After a few minutes of walking to school )
                           I walked in the school and walked to my footlocker i opened my locker and it seemed to be unbarred
                           I did n't in truth think much of it i took off my shoes and put them at heart changing to my school shoes
                           They were black and plain nothing veridical special about them, everyone weared them everyone had the lapp consistent 's but for one person he did n't actually look the lapp as everyone else
                           His vogue was ... '' unique ''
                           He wore a black bandanna his hair was blond and spikey he had light bluing eyes and whiskers, he seemed to wear a black unzip jacket that kids name is.. 
                           He 's an alpha he seems like an airhead but for some cause he 's grown a moment of a friend and a enemy vibration around me, i merely sigh and walk to classify
                           I walk into my class and get a greet from sakura `` hawaii sasuke how are you hehe '' one merely gaze at her waiting for person to pop up `` sakura ! ! '' She turns around and she seems to be annoyed at the matchless who clearly sticks out like a sword finger that is naruto they start to argue and argue i simply precisely walk aside to my seat and sit down
                           As that goes on the late teacher walks in everyone is silent not complaining but theres always two people that seem to break the silents `` YOU 'RE late KAKASHI SENSEI '' sakura and naruto say in unison
                           I stare at them giving them my annoyed face. Naruto seemed to notice me and gave me the lapp grimace and iodine equitable got more annoyed
                           `` now now take your seats sakura naruto '' kakashi said as he went to the blackboard `` Tsk '' one say as iodine look at the blackboard away from naruto 's area
                           ( Lets just skip to where class is done )
                           ( RINGGG )
                           The bell ring and everyone started to pack up naruto was asleep sakura was Walking out of class it was about the prison term one needed to take my prescription 's
                           `` ... .... ''
                           `` Where are they ... ''
                           I pulled out farce making a mess on the floor 'i need those prescriptions i need them if i do n't take them one of the Alpha 's will know im an omega ' 
                           I started to freak out one was getting sweaty second base per second base i did n't care about anything proper immediately i just needed those prescriptions `` damn it '' one ran out of the class worried about what would happen to me
                           ( Naruto pov )
                           I woke up on my desk and looked around `` class is over already ! ! '' I look down at sasuke 's desk there seems to be a fix under it. That was n't alike sasuke to make a fix of papers on the floor i got improving from my chair and walk of life to his desk
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