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Nana & Kaoru ( japanese : ナナとカオル, Hepburn : Nana to Kaoru ) is a japanese erotic romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Ryuta Amazume. It was serialized on Hakusensha ‘s seinen manga magazine Young Animal Arashi ( 2008–2009 ) and Young Animal ( 2009–2016 ), with its chapters collected in eighteen tankōbon volumes. Three other manga series have besides been released, vitamin a well as an original video recording animation and two bouncy action films .

plot [edit ]

Kaoru Sugimura is a 17-year-old pure who has an S & M juju. He has constantly dreamt about an SM kinship with his childhood ally and next-door neighbor Nana Chigusa, who is looked upon as arrant and is constantly the target of boys ‘ eyes. Their relationship has slightly deteriorated through the years, due to them hanging out with different people and because Kaoru is not taking his department of education besides badly. Nana has become very stressed at educate, that a teacher suggests she find a way to relax. One day though, Kaoru ‘s beget gives some of his S & M toys to Nana for safekeeping. Nana finds the leather one-piece that Kaoru bought and tries it on but unintentionally locks herself in it and does not have the key. After Kaoru frees her of the one-piece, Nana soon discovers that the activity has caused her to relax and improve her academician performance. The two of them start engaging in more S & M activities which they call “ breathers. ” The floor follows their activities as they explore the world of S & M while keeping it a mystery from some of their schoolmates and family .

Black Label [edit ]

The floor takes place several months after the end of the main series, and follows Nana and Kaoru during their vacation ; Kaoru has met his idol ; Erotic Novelist, Shuutarou Sarashina, by chance and he has been inspired by Kaoru ‘s youthful enthusiasm on the subject of S & M, and invites him to help on a newfangled reserve, while Nana has asked Mitsuko to tutor her on assorted subjects. unbeknown to both Nana and Kaoru, Sarashina and Mitsuko are, in fact, lovers and Mitsuko is the main inspiration for Sarashina ‘s novels, but their feelings for each early seem to have become twist and broken over the years. Over the course of the vacation, Nana and Kaoru find austere depths of S & M, that they had never considered before ; slowly taking a step fore in their relationship, while besides helping Sarashina and Mitsuko come to terms with their own feelings for each other, that they have hidden with S & M for then long.

Kōkōsei no SM Gokko [edit ]

A lineal sequel to the original manga, which begins in Nana and Kaoru ‘s third base year of High-school. The first seven chapters take place before Black Label, with subsequent chapters taking plaza after .

Characters [edit ]

Nana Chigusa
Nana is a very popular and beautiful high school student who excels in all sorts of activities including academics, being vice-president on the student council, and on the track team. With so much riding on her, a teacher suggests she find a way to take a breather to relieve stress. She discovers that participating in the erotic S&M play as a masochist to her next-door neighbor Kaoru has completely improved her academic situation. The two had fallen out of touch to a degree in the beginning of the series, but grow closer as they begin their breathers, with Kaoru helping Nana relieve herself, from the struggles she faces being a “perfect” student. She is supported by him greatly, even when she does not realize, and gradually falls in love with him, which she realizes towards the end of the series. Their relationship further develops in the spin-off, “Black label”. In the live-action films, Nana is played by Maho Nagase in the first film and by Miku Aono in the second one. In the OVA anime, Nana is voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara[2]
Kaoru Sugimura
Kaoru is a 17-year-old virgin whose main hobby is S&M in particular, the purchase and maintenance of S&M gear since he does not have a partner. He is secretly in love with his next-door neighbor Nana, whom he has known since they were kids, and becomes secretly overjoyed that Nana has agreed to participate in the S&M play. An average student, he rues the thought of eventually having to let Nana go on with her life after high school. He constantly struggles to hold himself back, when Nana willing gives up herself for their “Breathers”. Initially, he holds intensely dark desires to dominate Nana, which he holds back for a while, but eventually realizes he does not want to hurt her, and merely loves her and wants her to love him back. He decides to step up and begins to improve himself, in the hopes that he will be able to stand alongside Nana one day. Their relationship further develops in the spin-off, “Black Label” In the live-action film he is portrayed by Rakuto Tochihara. In the OVA anime, he is voiced by Junji Majima[2]
Mitsuko Tachibana
Tachibana runs the S&M store that Kaoru frequents. She has vast knowledge of S&M and also teaches Nana about various things involved in the lifestyle. Little is said about Tachibana in the main series, save that she has in-depth knowledge about the workings of S&M however, in the spin off “Black Label” more is revealed; She is lovers with the much-older, erotic novelist, Shuutarou Sarashina. While she loves him dearly, she fears if he might leave her, so she does anything she can to make herself his “perfect woman”, in a sense, binding him to her. However, she and Sarashina eventually come to terms with each other and they truly admit the love they hold for each other. She majored in Japanese history at Todai, studying culture and customs since the Meiji period, where she first discovered S&M, in forms of torture. She even went to graduate school.
Ryoko Tachi
A girl Kaoru meets one day while he is on one of his early morning stamina building runs. Kaoru mistakes her for a boy until she mentions participating in a heptathlon. Annoyed at the misunderstanding and/or her lack of an obvious chest, she shows him her modest cleavage as proof of her gender. After learning of Kaoru’s secret hobby, she develops an interest herself and tries to have Kaoru involve her in some of the activities. Unlike most characters, she seems to be able to switch from being a submissive to a dominant, but is clearly more appreciative of her submissive side. As chapters goes by, she ends loving Kaoru, but she is aware that Kaoru will never see her in the same way as Nana, and she seems to be fine with that, even helping Nana when needed. Nana at first saw Tachi as her love and M rival, but after some time, she became one of her closest friends.
Shuutarou Sarashina
An erotic novelist; while mentioned several times in the original series, he never appears in it. Mostly, his books are only referenced by Kaoru, in an attempt to better act as a dominant or in order to learn certain acts of S&M. He makes his official appearance in the Spin-off, Black Label, where he meets Kaoru by accident and invites him to help on his latest book. He and Mitsuko are lovers; Having met when Mitsuko was a college student. They bonded through S&M, but the years have taken a toll on them, and twisted their feeling for each other from love, into a darker obscure feeling of possession. However, with Nana and Kaoru’s help, they both eventually come to terms with their feelings and truly admit their love for each other.

Media [edit ]

Manga [edit ]

Written and illustrated by Ryuta Amazume, Nana & Kaoru was serialized in Hakusensha ‘s seinen manga magazine Young Animal Arashi from January 4, 2008, [ 3 ] to October 2, 2009. [ 4 ] It was late transferred to Young Animal, where it was serialized from October 23, 2009, [ 5 ] until its conclusion on August 12, 2016. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Hakusensha collected its chapters in eighteen tankōbon volumes, released from November 28, 2008, [ 8 ] to October 28, 2016. [ 9 ] In November 2021, Fakku announced that they had licensed the manga. Denpa will distribute the manga in a 3-in-1 bus edition starting in 2022. [ 10 ] The manga is published in France by Pika [ 11 ] and in Italy by Panini Comics. [ 12 ]

early series [edit ]

Nana & Kaoru Black Label, set eight months after the events of the main series, was beginning launched as an extra edition to the main series in Young Animal Arashi on July 2, 2010, [ 13 ] and finished on April 4, 2014. [ 14 ] Its chapters were collected by Hakusensha in five volumes, released from June 29, 2011, [ 15 ] to July 29, 2014. [ 16 ] A yonkoma by-product, titled Nana Kao Pink Pure ( ナナカオぴんくぴゅあ, Nana Kao Pinku Pyua ), was serialized in Young Animal Arashi from October 7, 2011. [ 17 ] [ 18 ] to November 1, 2013. [ 19 ] A collected volume was released on January 29, 2014. [ 20 ] Another series, Nana to Kaoru ~Kōkōsei no SM Gokko~ ( ナナとカオル 〜高校生のSMごっこ〜, “ Nana and Kaoru : high gear Schoolers ‘ S & M Make-Believe ” ), was published in Hakusensha ‘s digital erotic magazine Harem from November 29, 2018, [ 21 ] [ 22 ] to October 29, 2021. [ 23 ] Hakusensha collects the chapters into individual tankōbon volumes, under the title, Nana to Kaoru: Last Year. [ 23 ] The first bulk was released on July 29, 2019. [ 24 ] The fifth and last volume is set to be released on December 24, 2021. [ 23 ]

Volumes [edit ]

Nana & Kaoru [edit ]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 November 28, 2008[25] 978-4-59-214561-5
2 May 29, 2009[26] 978-4-59-214562-2
3 January 29, 2010[27] 978-4-59-214563-9
4 May 28, 2010[28] 978-4-59-214564-6
5 October 29, 2010[29] 978-4-59-214565-3
6 March 29, 2011[30] 978-4-59-214566-0
7 October 28, 2011[31] 978-4-59-214567-7
978-4-59-214667-4 (LE)
8 April 27, 2012[32] 978-4-59-214568-4
9 September 28, 2012[33] 978-4-59-214569-1
10 April 26, 2013[34] 978-4-59-214570-7
978-4-59-214669-8 (LE)
11 July 29, 2013[35] 978-4-59-214676-6
12 January 29, 2014[36] 978-4-59-214677-3
13 August 29, 2014[37] 978-4-59-214678-0
14 December 26, 2014[38] 978-4-59-214679-7
15 April 28, 2015[39] 978-4-59-214680-3
16 December 25, 2015[40] 978-4-59-214684-1
17 April 28, 2016[41] 978-4-59-214685-8
18 October 28, 2016[42] 978-4-59-214689-6
Nana & Kaoru Black Label [edit ]
No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 June 29, 2011[43] 978-4-59-214691-9
978-4-59-281011-7 (LE)
2 May 29, 2012[44] 978-4-59-214692-6
978-4-59-281012-4 (LE)
3 February 28, 2013[45] 978-4-59-214693-3
978-4-59-281013-1 (LE)
4 December 27, 2013[46] 978-4-59-214694-0
978-4-59-281014-8 (LE)
5 July 29, 2014[47] 978-4-59-214695-7
978-4-59-281015-5 (LE)
Nana to Kaoru ~Koukousei no SM gokko~ [edit ]
No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 July 29, 2019[48] 978-4-59-216351-0
2 November 29, 2019[49] 978-4-59-216352-7
3 July 29, 2020[50] 978-4-59-216353-4

bouncy action films [edit ]

Two young romanticism erotic films based on the manga were released, both directed by Atsushi Shimizu. The foremost, on March 19, 2011 and the second, Nana to Kaoru: Chapter 2 ( ナナとカオル 第2章 ), on September 8, 2012. [ 51 ] [ 52 ] [ 53 ]

zanzibar copal [edit ]

An original television animation produced by AIC PLUS+, directed by Hideki Okamoto and with character designs by Atsuko Watanabe was released on March 29, 2011. [ 54 ]

reception [edit ]

book 3 reached the thirtieth put on the weekly Oricon manga chart and, as of January 31, 2010, has sold 25,008 copies ; [ 55 ] volume 5 reached thorium 22nd invest and, as of October 31, 2010, has sold 34,146 copies ; [ 56 ] volume 6 reached the fifteenth place and, as of April 3, 2011, has sold 34,792 copies ; [ 57 ] Nana & Kaoru Black Label volume 1 reached the twenty-third seat and, as of July 3, 2011, has sold 33,619 copies ; [ 58 ] Nana & Kaoru Black Label book 2 reached the twenty-eighth put and, as of June 3, 2012, has sold 21,655 copies ; [ 59 ] volume 9 reached the twenty-fourth position [ 60 ] and, as of October 7, 2012, has sold 55,005 copies ; [ 61 ] Nana & Kaoru Black Label volume 3 reached the forty-sixth place and, as of March 2, 2013, has sold 18,741 copies ; [ 62 ] volume 11 reached the twenty-second locate and, as of August 4, 2013, has sold 40,873 copies. [ 63 ] At Manga Sanctuary, two of the staff members gave the serial a compound grade of 5.5 out of 10. [ 64 ]

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