My Hero Academia – Save! Rescue Training

Save! Rescue Training



November 27, 2016 (event)
April 4, 2017 (DVD)




Super Hero, Action, Adventure, Comedy-drama, Science Fantasy, School Life, Martial Arts

Save! Rescue Training ( 救え ! 救助訓練 !, Sukue! Kyūjo Kunren! ? ) is a Jump Festa 2016 particular episode and the inaugural OVA for the My Hero Academia serial .


Shota Aizawa reads a report describing the League of Villains ‘ attack on the U.S.J. He details certain things that happened, such as the villains using Kurogiri ‘s Warp Gate to separate students into respective locations within the U.S.J. and All Might ‘s acquire against the Nomu. Shota finishes the report by apologizing to the families of the Class 1-A students. class 1-A returns to the U.S.J. four weeks after the attack took place. Shota and Thirteen have recovered enough to return to their teaching duty, and tell the class that they are to start rescue train, although Ochaco Uraraka inquires about their health. Izuku Midoriya asks Shota about All Might, who is besides due to meet them at the U.S.J., but Shota coldly tells Izuku to forget about him .
The beginning rescue operation involves three students trapped at the bottom of a chasm. Each of the students has a different want of attention – one is unconscious, one has a break leg, and one is identical panicky. Denki Kaminari and Eijiro Kirishima gloss on the astuteness of the chasm, but Tenya Ida rushes to the chasm edge to shout encouragement down below. Thirteen interrupts Izuku ‘s monologue about using his exponent to save others to tell him, Ochaco and Tenya that they will be the students in necessitate of rescue. With the three students at the bottom of the chasm, Shota tells Shoto Todoroki, Momo Yaoyorozu, Fumikage Tokoyami and Katsuki Bakugo that they will be performing the rescue with a express total of equipment. Katsuki explodes in wrath at the view of him rescuing Izuku and questions Shota, whilst Tsuyu Asui breaks the fourthly rampart and explains it is this means because they are in an Anime Festa special episode. Tenya yell from the chasm for help, and as Shoto says they must start the rescue, Katsuki suggests to blow the cliffside away so they can just scramble down the debris to rescue them. Momo is shocked at his idea and Shoto just ignores it, suggesting a much more fair plan for Momo to make a pulley to lower Fumikage into the chasm to rescue the unconscious scholar first. Momo breaks up Katsuki and Shoto ‘s subsequent argument and yells down affirmation to the trap students that aid is on the way, and says that the first thing that must be done is to reassure the victims. Eijiro mutters that Momo is commodity at what she is doing.

Fumikage rappels down the chasm, supported by Shoto and Katsuki who anchor his r-2. When he reaches the bottom of the chasm, Tenya excitedly screams at Ochaco that they will be saved, making her laugh as she pretends to be unconscious. Fumikage uses Dark Shadow to take Ochaco rear up to the top of the cliffside in a capstone. Izuku is amazed at Dark Shadow ‘s versatility, making Fumikage flustered with his platitudes. As Ochaco reaches the top, Momo asks why she is laughing, and tells her that Tenya ‘s function as a panicky victim is important and not a laughing count. Thirteen commends Katsuki on realizing his quirk can not be used to help, and thus helping as a “ normal ” person .
The students switch around roles and in the last train session, Ochaco ties a splint around Tsuyu ‘s “ broken ” leg. She then uses her Quirk to levitate Tsuyu out of the chasm and drops her into Izuku ‘s arms ; Izuku holds her for an awkwardly long menstruation of clock time until a blush Tsuyu asks to be let down because it ‘s embarrassing. As the last rescue concludes, Yuga Aoyama, Koji Koda, Rikido Sato and Mezo Shoji discuss how they were not included in this part of the train. The class now moves to the urban area of the U.S.J. for the next part of the rescue train, which involves students in motivation of rescue scattered in unknown locations in unknown conditions. Four of the students are rescuers, and of the 16 remaining who will play victims and find a place to hide, eight may not speak. Thirteen selects Izuku, Ochaco, Katsuki and Minoru Mineta as the rescuers. Katsuki once again explodes at the candidate of participating with Deku. This time, it is Ochaco who breaks the fourth wall and reminds Katsuki that this is an Anime Festa special. Minoru wonders if he will be able to grope his mate students under the guise of carrying them, after which Izuku forbids him from carrying anyone .
As the prepare starts, Katsuki blows himself off from the starting area in search of the victims. The remaining three agree to split improving and search for the victims who are able to speak. Sitting in concealment, Shoto concisely laments on his childhood. A large villain on the spur of the moment emerges from the debris underneath him, telling him that his facial expression is not that of a hero. Shoto uses an ice attack against the villain, but not before the villain appears behind him and subdues him in one strike. Minoru and Izuku find Mashirao Ojiro, and construct a run with debris and Minoru ‘s awkward spheres to help him out of his hiding put. Ochaco finds Kyoka Jiro who was hidden underneath a car. Tenya comes running at the pair, alerting them to the approaching villain. The villain appears, holding Shoto in one hand by his vest, and early students arrive at the scenery.

Mashirao runs to Shota and Thirteen for avail, but they say they are excessively injure to fight, and Thirteen urges the students to run to the exit. The villain creates a large circular clear within the urban area in a singular stomp to the establish, effectively trapping the students. Katsuki runs into the clear to fight the villain, and finally lands a solid reach on the villain ‘s back, pushing him ahead. Katsuki tells Tenya to tell the stay of the class to run aside, calling them weaklings. In response, the stallion class shows their determination to fight. The villain creates a tornado of boulders, which are quickly destroyed by Yuga, Eijiro, and Rikido. Kyoka, Hanta Sero and Momo restrain the villain, as the remainder of the class hunt at him. As the students border on, the villain breaks free and pushes all of them back .
Katsuki launches a storm attack, but the villain easily holds him second. Izuku tells a few classmates about a plan he has concocted, and has Ochaco levitate him and Tsuyu launch him towards the villain with her tongue. Ochaco releases Izuku fair as he uses one of Minoru ‘s awkward spheres to pick up Shoto out of the villain ‘s grok. Izuku launches a flick attack at the villain, and stuns him long enough for Katsuki to launch a entire power explosion, propelling the villain onto a rock covered in Minoru ‘s awkward spheres, entrapping him. As Katsuki approaches to deal the concluding fellate, the villain takes off his mask – revealing himself to be All Might in disguise .
The students yell at All Might, telling him that he went overboard. Before the rescue train began, All Might told Shota that he wanted to add a surprise to the education, and Shota replied that he was against the idea because the students had precisely experienced a villain attack. All Might finally convinced Shota to let him add the storm, but that it was to be his province. As the students berate All Might which included Denki, Eijiro and Hanta beating the immobilized All Might to the point of him crying, Shoto apologizes to Izuku and Katsuki for being part of the surprise, having not been subdued by All Might but asked to play along alternatively. The students continue to berate All Might after he shows thanks to Izuku for restraining his overturn towards him, and Shoto walks away, looking at his vest on the floor .





  • This episode would chronologically occur between the U.S.J. Arc and U.A. Sports Festival Arc.

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