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4000+ (Possibly 100,000,000+)

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Norse Pantheon


Asgard ( Heaven )





Gods Fighters


Thor (cousin by blood oath) Odin (Uncle)

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Manga Debut

chapter 11

Anime Debut

Episode 7


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Yoshitsugu Matsuoka 日本語 Ryan Colt Levy English Image Gallery

Wow~ As expected of Buddha. I knew it. You… should disappear.
  Loki to Buddha in Varying Expectations

Loki is one of the Gods ‘s representatives set to fight in a future match of Ragnarok. Loki is a big deity in the Norse Pantheon and the God of Deceit .




Loki takes the shape of a young mesomorphic world. He wears a dissemble with long sleeves detached from its free-base. He besides wears fingerless gloves and an range of dot auricle piercings on each of his ears. He has hair that goes down to his neck and a haircloth foreground to the left of his face. Loki ‘s pupils are slanted like that of a capricorn and he occasionally shape-shifts into early gods .




Loki is a playful, sadistic, aloof and sometimes perturb individual who lusts for slaughter, finding it identical entertaining. He largely saw Ragnarok as a joke and, for the first base two rounds, equitable laid back and watched the spectacle unfold. however, after Poseidon was killed by Kojiro Sasaki in the third base round of golf, Loki became worried by the fact mere humans actually had the likely to kill gods and started to take the event much more badly. He is quite confident in his own might as shown when he attacked Buddha and was able to intimidate mate gods like Hoteison and Benzaiten with small campaign. Loki besides rarely has good position, as shown when he either limply floats in the air, crouches on a chair or sits on the floor. He is besides holds his own raceway to an highly high criterion, displaying twist elation seeing them fight and feeling enraged whenever they lose against subscript beings. He besides seems to have a hatred towards demigods.

While Loki is n’t supportive of humanness survival, he did show an interest in Adam ‘s conflict and Jack ‘s trickery and handling of Heracles, and while he called Kojiro ‘s win against Poseidon a bad excuse for a joke, moments before it happened he was thrilled with the testify of potency Kojiro expose .

Powers & Abilities



Divine Physiology: As a deity, Loki posses physical abilities far greater than any ordinary human. His body can not be harmed by mortal weapons, however he can still be harmed by unarmed attacks from individuals with superhuman intensity and divine weapons. Semi-Immortality: As a idol, Loki is incapable of dying ascribable to old age. Keen Intellect : Loki is a very perspicacious and healthy individual, as seen when he noticed and detected the discrepancies in the Valkyries ‘ “ Volund ” ability and determined it had something to do with Buddha and correctly discerned his betrayal to the Gods. Shapeshifting : As the God of Deceit, Loki can change his shape and appearance at will to deceive other people, though he normally does this for mischief. His proficiency in shapeshifting is so huge that he can trick Huginn & Muninn when he took the form of Thor. Portal Creation : Loki has displayed the ability to create portals at will to transport himself from one localization to another without occupying the distance in between. He besides used this ability to summon his weapons by creating a modest portal vein on the palm of each of his hands. Matter Manipulation: Loki briefly displayed the ability to shape matter when he changed the appearance of two wine bottles to the condition of Zeus ‘ and Adam ‘s face. Levitation : Loki ‘s independent form of movement is floating in the air, only in occasionally is he seen walking.

Hook Proficiency : Loki possesses divine skill and proficiency in wielding his divine dual-chained hooks .




Chained Hooks.png Dual-Chained Hooks: Two sharp, long-range weapons. Loki summons his twin chained hooks through the palms of his hands. The black circle
design that is on both of his gloves turns into a portal vein through which the hook fall .




  • (To Buddha) “Wow~ As expected of Buddha. I knew it. You… should disappear.“[1]







  • In the original Norse mythology, Loki and Odin are sworn brothers, but the manga (or at least the translation) has Loki call Odin his uncle.
    • However calling someone uncle in Japanese and some other cultures can be to show a friendly relationship with someone who is either older or it a height rank and not necessarily to address an actual relative.
  • The mythological Loki is often confused with Logi, fire personified, and is even fused with him into a new character named Loge in Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung.




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