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Fix 644 – Grand Bridge can now be liberated during expeditions.
Fix 645 – Castle Warrengard can be used for the Tavern Wench Challenge once the tavern becomes available.
Fix 646 – Sunny-Sue Ellen and Layla the Mare has been added as possible recruits during the correct conditions.
Fix 647 – The tavern is open for business in Castle Warrengard once Layla is recruited and the second floor has been built.
Fix 648 – A new sidequest called “ Bounty : Kahr ” has been added to Kahr. ( Can besides be activated in Castle Warrengard )
Fix 649 – A new sidequest called “ Bounty : Odidania ” has been added to Odidania. ( Can besides be activated in Castle Warrengard )
Fix 650 – A newfangled sidequest called “ Bounty : Caimridge ” has been added to Caimridge. ( Can besides be activated in Castle Warrengard )
Fix 651 – A new sidequest called “ Bounty : Arlon ” has been added to Arlon. ( Can besides be activated in Castle Warrengard )
Fix 652 – Doing an dispatch at each individual location unlocks the ability to see what material the area drops.
Fix 653 – Odidania can now be convinced to join your army through expeditions after a certain point in the history.
Fix 654 – Trying to leave Grand Bridge after liberating it got you stuck, this is no retentive the case .
Fix 637 – Quitting expeditions caused a black filmdom to persist, this has been corrected.
Fix 638 – It ’ s now potential to travel bet on to the Beldorian Empire by boat after reaching the Divine Palace toilet room.
Fix 639 – The miss title for romancing Lady Farah has been added and can besides be obtained in Hall of Memories.
Fix 640 – Some graphic errors related to the Encyclopedia and the Art Gallery has been fixed.
Fix 641 – A new mini-scene has been added and can be triggered by advancing the fib.
Fix 642 – The Current Version file will from now on be called Patch Notes rather.
Fix 643 – Additional history has been added.

Fix 622 – Stella has been added as available opponents in Stripping o ’ Die.
Fix 623 – An uncommon map transition mistake occuring at the Frozen Continent camp has been fixed.
Fix 624 – Expeditions can now be exited with the ESC button while being on the scheme map layout.
Fix 625 – The excursion timekeeper has been switched from minutes to seconds in order to solve a countdown issue.
Fix 626 – The cryptography behind the Distress machinist has been changed to hopefully solve some problems with curing the state.
Fix 627 – The time it takes for expeditions to finish has been reduced from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. ( 600 seconds )
Fix 628 – Interracting with the mesa map while an excursion is in progress gives you the choice to cancel it.
Fix 629 – Inviting Naz ’ Raala to your camp caused a black sieve, this is no longer the case.
Fix 630 – A statistics option has been added to when you ’ re interracting with characters.
Fix 631 – Laquadia now has International Edition variations for Strippin ’ o ’ Die.
Fix 632 – Naz ’ Raala weapons have been added to the Castle Warrengard blacksmith.
Fix 633 – Ra ’ Tiki, Opala and Stella has been added to the photoshoot artist’s workroom.
Fix 634 – The nude outfit for Naz ’ Raala has been properly implemented.
Fix 635 – Various smaller issues has been resolved.
Fix 636 – Additional floor has been added .

Fix 615 – Several minor issues related to Naz ’ Raala has all been fixed.
Fix 616 – Bal ’ Rana was ineffective to get any extra costumes from the shop, this is no long the casing.
Fix 617 – Expeditions can now be launched through the map at forward camp or in your private quarters at Castle Warrengard.
Fix 618 – A clocktower has been added to the west wing of Castle Warrengard, highest shock.
Fix 619 – Instructor Stella can nowadays be recruited in Whitehaven after Blackgard Stronghold.
Fix 620 – International Edition has one more miniskirt CG Scene finished .

Fix 604 – Naz ’ Raala has been added as a recruitable party extremity.
Fix 605 – The chief menu of the Encyclopedia immediately display graphics reflecting your heroic/renegade position.
Fix 606 – A Quick-Menu has been added and can be accessed with the A push button. ( presently only at Castle Warrengard )
Fix 607 – Toggle sprinting ON/OFF has been reassigned to the Z/Shift buttons. ( presently only at Castle Warrengard )
Fix 608 – The ability to sprint indoors have been unlocked. ( presently only at Castle Warrengard )
Fix 609 – Castle Warrengard has received two extra buildings/locations that can be upgraded.
Fix 610 – The stables at the Castle Warrengard court has been replaced with a train ground.
Fix 611 – The Art Gallery and Encyclopedia can nowadays be accessed anywhere.
Fix 612 – The beastman version of Gabrielle ’ s CG Scene has been added.
Fix 613 – Lady Farah has been added to the camp machinist .
patch This should fix a few bugs, such as leaving Castle Warrengard/Grassland Road nobelium long making you stuck .
Fix 521 – The blade on Bal ’ Rana ’ s weapon is immediately curved in the correct commission.
Fix 522 – Issues related to some characters not wearing their nude costumes correctly have been resolved.
Fix 523 – The dependable snap tutorial has been updated to reflect the new machinist added a while back.
Fix 524 – Scrolling the camera during Paellicia ’ s photoshoot made some of her wings disappear, this has been corrected.
Fix 525 – A raw sidequest called “ Snap : Behelda ” has been added to Hermit ’ s Retreat.
Fix 526 – A new sidequest called “ Snap : Lynevere ” has been added to Four Season ’ second Inn, triggered by Castle Warrengard ’ sulfur postbox.
Fix 527 – A raw full scene has been added and can be triggered in Castle Warrengard with the properly bastion upgrades.
Fix 528 – Some CG Scenes in the Art Gallery displayed the amiss thumbnail, this is no long the casing.
Fix 529 – A modern sidequest called “ Chest o ’ Goodies ” has been added to Castle Warrengard.
Fix 530 – Additional report has been added .

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