Did footballer Gareth Bale slide into Lana Rhoades’ DM’s?

Whilst they were dating in 2020, Mike Majlak dropped a juicy secret about his girlfriend Lana Rhoades.
He revealed that a very celebrated football player had slipped into her DM ’ sulfur. little did he know, it would still be the talk of the internet about two years later .

Mike gave some clues that sparked meditation about who the football player was, and fans think they ’ ve worked it out .
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Soccer player slides into Lana Rhoades’ DM’s

During one of Mike Majlak ’ s vlogs posted in February 2020, he revealed that a celebrated soccer player slid into his girlfriend Lana Rhoades ’ DM ’ second .
“ I ’ thousand fair gon na leave you for the soccer actor straight up, ” Lana joked to which Mike replied :
“ Oh yea she got DM ’ five hundred by soccer player who has an $ 80 million dollar abridge. ”
“ Wait, who ? ” their two early friends then asked, but the pair swiftly moved on from the conversation and never revealed who it was .

Lana elaborates on Logan Paul’s podcast

Months late, Mike and Lana then appeared on Logan Paul ’ s Impaulsive podcast where the soccer player DM was brought up once again .
“ Y ’ all went viral right ? Because on his vlog, he mentioned an australian soccer player with like a hundred plus million followers or something like that ? ” Logan said .
Mike then said : “ Yeah soccer player with like 43 million followers. ”
“ And they about found out who it was ? ” Logan then replied to which Mike revealed : “ Well it ’ randomness nailed down. ”
“ They actually guessed like the two wrong ones. Yeah – I think to cause drama because those two were like married or something ? And this one ’ sulfur single, ” she continued .

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Was it Gareth Bale?

Fans have speculated for years that the football player who slid into DM ’ s was Welsh actor Gareth Bale, who presently plays for spanish team Real Madrid .
At the time, he did have about 43 million followers and fans have claimed that his contract is approximately $ 80 million .
however, this is merely fair speculation and it has never been confirmed to be him .
As of December 2021, we calm don ’ t know who the football player that slim into Lana ’ s DMs very is, but it remains a hot topic of conversation on social media.

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