12 Most Erotic Korean Movies of All Time | 12 Best Erotic Korean Thriller Movies

If you love K-Dramas but are looking for something more adult-oriented, then these are the 12 movies that you need to watch .


[IMDb rating 6.1/10] 

Set during the Joseon Dynasty, The Concubine follows Hwa-yeon ( Jo Yeo-jeong ), the daughter of an aristocrat who is to be a concubine of the king. She tries to elope with her poor lover Kwon-yoo ( Kim Min-joon ) but is unsuccessful. interim, Prince Sung-won ( Kim Dong-wook ) besides falls in love with Hwa-yeon .


[IMDb rating 6.5/10] 

Homicide detective Lee Ki-hoon ( Han Suk-kyu ) gets assigned to the character of Jin Kyung-hee ( Sung Hyun-ah ), who is accused of murdering her husband. Ki-hoon is married to Soo-hyun ( Uhm Ji-won ) but has an ongoing matter with Choi Ga-hee ( Lee Eun-ju ). While working on the case Ki-hoon ’ s personal and professional life start to collide .

THIRST (2009) 

[IMDb rating 7.1/10] 

This erotic horror movie follows catholic priest Sang-hyun ( Song Kang-ho ) volunteers for an experiment to find a vaccine for the Emmanuel Virus ( EV ). The experiment fails but Sang-hyun is saved with a blood transfusion. He finds himself drawn to Tae-ju ( Kim Ok-bin ), the wife of his childhood friend. soon after, he realises he has turned into a vampire and must keep drink in blood to save himself from EV.


[IMDb rating 6.4/10] 

Eun-yi ( Jeon Do-yeon ) is hired to help around the house of a ample couple. The wife, Hae-ra ( Seo Woo ) is pregnant with twins and her conserve Hoon starts to flirt with Eun-yi. Eun-yi ’ s matter with Hoon gets her meaning and Hae-ra ’ second mother Min-hee notices and forces her to get an miscarriage. Eun-yi then vows revenge on the family .


[IMDb rating 5.7/10] 

Joo Young-jak ( Kim Kang-woo ) is the private secretary of company president Yoon ( Baek Yoon-sik ), who is part of the wealthiest families in South Korea. When Yoon ’ randomness wife Geom-ok ( Youn Yuh-jung ) discovers her conserve having an matter with the maid, she has sex with Young-jak as retaliation. Young-jak besides starts an affair with their daughter Nami ( Kim Hyo-jin ) .


[IMDb rating 7.1/10] 

The King ( Joo Jin-mo ) and his wife from the Yuan Dynasty ( Song Ji-hyo ) do not have any children. For the continuity of the royal dynasty to be ensured, the King orders his military air force officer and fan, Hong-rim ( Jo In-sung ) to impregnate the Queen. At first, they are uncomfortable with the mind but soon begin a passionate matter which enrages the King.

OBSESSED (2014) 

[IMDb rating 6.1/10] 

Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong ( Song Seung-heon ) is about to be promoted to general. He is married but is not in love with his wife. When Captain Kyung Woo-jin ( On Joo-wan ) and his wife Ga-heun ( Lim Ji-yeon ) move adjacent doorway, Jin-pyeong falls in love with Ga-heun. After Jin-pyeong saves Ga-heun from an attacker, they start a passionate affair. unfortunately, Ga-heun stops the affair due to personal circumstances and leaves Jin-pyeong devastated .

EUNGYO (2012) 

[IMDb rating 6.7/10] 

besides known as A Muse in English, Eungyo follows Lee Jeok-yo ( Park Hae-il ), a seventy-year-old poet. One day he finds Eun-gyo ( Kim Go-yeun ), a senior high school female child asleep on his porch chair. Jeok-yo is smitten with the female child and offers her a part-time job cleaning his house. Jeok-yo starts to write a narrative about an complex number sexual relationship with Eun-gyo .


[IMDb rating 6.1/10] 

Based on a real-life narrative, The Treacherous follows Joseon Dynasty ’ mho tyrant Prince Yeonsan. He has young girls kidnapped and turns them into his concubines. Yeonsan ’ s childhood supporter Soong-jae ( Ju Ji-hoon ). Dan-hee ( Lim Ji-yeon ), a concubine, saves Soong-jae and begs him to overthrow the prince.


[IMDb rating 6.1/10] 

This erotic thriller is about a former rugby musician and current P.E teacher at an all-girls high school, Joon-ki ( Jang Hyuk ). He is marital to Seo-yeon ( Sunwoo Sun ) and is expecting their first child. Joon-ki is used to girls flirting with him but Young-eun ( Jo Bo-ah ) confesses her feelings to him after Joon-ki saves her from drowning. Joon-ki tries to get out of the kinship but Young-eun becomes obsessed with him .


[IMDb rating 6/10] 

Shim Hak-kyu ( Jung Woo-sung ) is a university professor who runs away to a belittled township due to a intimate harassment allegation. There he meets Deok-ee ( Esom ), and the two get into a relationship. Deok-ee becomes pregnant and Hak-kyu forces Deok-ee to get an abortion. Hak-kyu ’ s list gets cleared and he returns to his family. Deo-ee vows revenge on him and gets her chance eight years belated when Hak-kyu starts going blind .


[IMDb rating 8.1/10] 

Set in Japanese-occupied Korea, Sook-hee ( Kim Tae-ri ) is sent by a con homo called Count Fujiwara ( Ha Jung-woo ) to be the handmaid of Lady Hideko ( Kim Min-hee ). Fujiwara plans to use Sook-hee to convince Hideko to marry him therefore he could take her wealth. As Sook-hee begins to work for Hideko, they develop an intimate kinship.

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