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No. Title[e] Original air date 1 “The Sugar Girl Eats Love”
Transcription: ” Satō Shōjo washington Ai o Hamu” (Japanese: 砂糖少女は愛を食む) July 14, 2018 ( ) The episode begins with two young girls standing on the roof of a burning building while agreeing to contemplate suicide together. Satou Matsuzaka, who previously had a reputation for playing around with men, has started living with the person she loves: a little girl named Shio Koube. As Satou takes on a part-time waitressing job at a restaurant called Princess Imperial to raise money for Shio’s sake, she turns down a love confession from fellow employee Taiyou Mitsuboshi, who stops coming to work the next day. As Satou is forced to work overtime for less pay, she confronts the manager and goads her into admitting that she kidnapped and molested Taiyo. Upon revealing the confession has been recorded on her cell phone, Satou blackmails the manager into paying her withheld wages. While Satou returns home to Shio, keeping quiet about a room in their apartment containing bloodied trash bags, a boy named Asahi puts up posters listing Shio as missing. 2 “Shio’s Miniature Garden”
Transcription: ” Shio no Hakoniwa

” (Japanese: しおの箱庭) July 21, 2018 ( ) Upon getting the feeling that someone is watching her, Satou deduces that her school teacher, Daichi Kitaumekawa, is the one stalking her, narrowly managing to avoid being assaulted. The next morning, Satou threatens to expose Kitaumekawa’s deeds to his family, coercing him into disposing of some unwanted evidence for her. Later, Taiyou, who has begun harboring an obsession with Shio after seeing her poster, comes across Asahi being beaten up and takes him to Satou’s workplace. Hearing Asahi murmur the same “marriage vow” that Shio does with her every night, Satou contemplates killing him. 3 “A Long Monochromatic Night”
Transcription: ” Monokurōmu no Nagai Yoru” (Japanese: モノクロームの長い夜) July 28, 2018 ( ) After barely managing to resist the urge to kill Asahi and letting him go, Satou is shocked to find Shio has ventured outside the apartment in search for her. Following the figment of a figure she can’t remember, Shio is found by Taiyou, who feels her innocence can purify his tainted body. Taiyou attempts to bring Shio home with him but is attacked out by the thugs he saved Asahi from. 4 “The Sugar Girl Doesn’t Notice”
Transcription: ” Satō Shōjo washington Kizukanai” (Japanese: 砂糖少女は気づかない) August 4, 2018 ( ) After Shio passes out from experiencing frightening visions of her mother, Satou arrives on the scene and brutally kills the thugs before taking Shio back to their apartment. As Taiyou, who had witnessed Satou run off with Shio, becomes curious about her motives, one of Satou’s co-workers, Sumire Miyazaki, is seen sniffing Satou’s uniform. 5 “The Taste of Crime and the Taste of Punishment”
Transcription: ” Tsumi no Aji, Batsu no Aji” (Japanese: 罪の味、罰の味) August 11, 2018 ( ) Satou discovers that Sumire has been going through her locker, learning that she is obsessed with becoming just like her. When probed about where she lives, Satou kisses Sumire to stop her prying further. Upon returning home, Satou discovers Shio in turmoil over memories of her mother, feeling it is punishment for lying about not talking to anyone. Satou, who feels guilty about telling someone else she loved them, confesses her “crime” to Shio, and the two manage to calm each other down. Meanwhile, Satou’s friend Shouko Hida goes to Taiyo’s house and discovers his obsession with Shio, who he claims Satou has kidnapped. While in disbelief over what Taiyou has told her, Shouko is approached by Asahi. 6 “We Revolve Around the Moon”
Transcription: ” Watashi-tachi washington, Tsuki no Mawari o Mawatteiru” (Japanese: 私達は、月の周りを回っている) August 18, 2018 ( ) As Shouko starts to grow suspicious of Satou, she starts visiting Asahi on a regular basis to make sure he is fed. While speaking with Shouko about his search for Shio, Asahi recalls the hardships he went through to keep Shio and their mother safe from their abusive father. The next day, Shouko asks Satou to tell her the truth, to which Satou decides to take her to her place. Meanwhile, Kitaumekawa, who is convinced that Satou killed her aunt, decides to follow after her. 7 “What the Sugar Girl is Made Out Of”
Transcription: ” Satō Shōjo no Genzairyō” (Japanese: 砂糖少女の原材料

) August 25, 2018 ( ) Feeling that Satou betrayed him by sharing her secret with someone else, Kitaumekawa calls over the police to her apartment just as she and Shouko arrive. To his surprise, however, the door is answered by Satou’s aunt herself. Despite this person’s disturbing behavior towards them, the police find nothing incriminating inside the apartment, which is later revealed to be a different one from the one Satou and Shio are living in. 8 “Apartment No.1208”
Transcription: ” Ichi-Ni-Zero-Hachi Gōshitsu” (Japanese: 1208号室) September 1, 2018 ( ) Flashing back; Satou recalls the first time she came to Apartment 1208, wanting to get away from her aunt while serving as a model for the owner’s painting as thanks for giving her shelter from the rain. One day, as Satou found Shio on the way home from school and brought her to the apartment, the owner, angered by Satou’s change in expression (as she was satisfied and he liked her when she was incomplete) attempted to kill Shio, only to be killed by Satou instead. This is what left the blood splatter on the wall in the back room. His cut-up body is what Satou made Kitaumekawa dispose of in episode two. Back in the present, Asahi gives Shouko encouragement following her experience with Satou’s aunt, while Satou offers Taiyo an opportunity to see Shio if he leads Asahi out of town. 9 “Dissolving Rain”
Transcription: ” Yūkai Rein” (Japanese: 融解レイン) September 8, 2018 ( ) Taiyo tries to convince Asahi to leave town by giving him Shio’s tie that he had received from Satou. Despite warnings from Shouko not to trust Taiyo, Asahi decides to go as it is the only clue he has of his sister. The next day, as Satou and Shio make plans to have a wedding together, they are spotted by Shouko as she takes a picture of them with her cellphone. Unable to trust that she won’t tell the police about Shio, Satou kills Shouko by slitting her throat, unaware that she had managed to send the photo she took earlier to Asahi. 10 “A Proposal Under a Starry Sky”
Transcription: ” Hoshizora no Puropōzu” (Japanese: 星空のプロポーズ) September 15, 2018 ( ) While trying to clean up the apartment for an exhausted Satou following Shouko’s death, Shio recalls how her mother gradually went crazy from her husband’s constant abuse and eventually abandoned her. Satou found her soon after. When Satou mentions they’ll have to abandon their apartment, Shio lashes out at her over the secrets she kept from her, telling Satou she hates her. Recalling how they first met, Shio states she wants to protect Satou like she protects her, leading Satou to become honest about the sins she has committed and work together with Shio. 11 “An Eternal Moment with You.”
Transcription: ” Eien no Isshun oxygen, Anata to .” (Japanese: 永遠の一瞬を、貴方と。) September 22, 2018 ( ) Asahi confronts Taiyou about the photo Shouko sent him, ordering him to find Satou’s address. Meanwhile, Satou reluctantly asks for her aunt’s help in disposing of Shouko’s body and providing a getaway for her and Shio. Hoping to have Shio to himself, Taiyou goes to the address listed in Satou’s work profile, only to wind up at her aunt’s apartment instead. She thinks he’s here for love and sexually assaults him. The episode ends with Satou and Shio having a wedding ceremony in their apartment and sharing a kiss with each other. 12 “Happy Sugar Life”
Transcription: ” Happī Shugā Raifu” (Japanese: ハッピーシュガーライフ

) September 29, 2018 ( ) After packing up their belongings, Satou and Shio purchase their airplane tickets to leave the city ; however Satou notices that she left her wedding ring back at the apartment so they go spinal column to retrieve it. As Satou and Shio are about to leave the apartment together, they are confronted by Asahi, who had figured out their address from Shouko ‘s photograph. Satou first takes Shio to her aunt ‘s apartment, but runs into a madden Taiyou, who has freed himself and is escaping. They leave him to fall to the labor and go to the roof. meanwhile, her aunt had set the entire 12th deck of the apartment ablaze and when Asahi goes to Satou ‘s burn off apartment, he finds Shouko dead inside. He ultimately confronts them on the roof, revealing to Shio their mother abandoned her so she would be away from her, having hit Shio and feared she was becoming like her husband. then their mother poisoned their beget. however, Shio remains determined to stay with Satou and die along with her. The two leap off the rooftop together. In the end, Satou dies protecting Shio, who keeps the sleep together she had for her inside her, while Satou ‘s aunt is arrested for arson and Shouko ‘s murder. Taiyou is back family in a catatonic state after losing his “ saint. ” Kitaumekawa is arrested, the information he was abusing students somehow leaked. Asahi visits Shio in the hospital, who is looking out the window at their mother, standing on the street looking back at her. Shio refuses her brother and states her love exists only inside her where the memory of Satou is .
Closing words: “This is my happy sugar life.” – Shio

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