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What is Vietnam Massage?

Vietnam massage is unique from other massage styles in South-East Asia. It focuses on using press points to release tension and relax muscles and tendons .
It has its origins in chinese massage and uses similar punch and clapping massage techniques. Masseurs use vigorous extort, rubbing, pressing, tapping chopping techniques to relieve pressure and increase blood hang .
A vietnamese massage is unlike from Thai massage since it involves much less motion of the body parts themselves .
rather, vietnamese massage techniques concentrate on working knots in parts of the body, alternatively of moving them about. On the wholly, vietnamese culture is alone in its own direction.

When you arrive at the living room, you will need to change into a massage outfit and store your carry-ons in a footlocker. normally, the massage starts with the back, shoulder, and neck, then moving on to your legs and arms .
You can always tell the masseur if you ’ re uncomfortable with the amount of atmospheric pressure they ’ re enforce. The oils they use will be cleaned off at the end of the massage with strong towels and you will then most likely be offered a newly juice .
Most massages take between one hour to an hour and a half, and you might need to book in promote if you ’ re drift to the most popular places .
A vietnamese massage international relations and security network ’ thymine excessively expensive – most local anesthetic parlors cost around $ 5-7, and an extra point of about $ 2 ( if you want to ). Both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City family the best of Vietnam ’ south massage parlors .
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Top Massage Parlours in Hanoi

Orient Spa Hanoi

orient spa hanoi
Although relatively new, this resort hotel is nowadays a tried-and-tested favorite for alien travelers. Their most democratic services are body treatment and infantry massage .
They are known to be low-cost and professional, and even give out discounts during the top out season. The rooms are comfortable and scavenge .
Their 75-minute farseeing deep tissue massage is besides a popular package here. This health spa is located at 42 Hang Trong, Hanoi ( Old Quarter ), and is capable from 9:30 in the morning cashbox 10 PM at night, every day .
normally, find this spot is busy, so you should consider booking an appointment a day in advance .
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Spas Hanoi

spas hanoi
This is a very think of salon in the Old Quarter, both for its quality and low prices. They are well-loved for their shoulder and second massages. Couples have the choice of getting a private room to themselves .
Masseurs are reviewed to be perceptive and heedful. Their deep tissue massage is besides a favored and lasts for 90 mins. With a animal foot massage for 250,000 VND and a body massage for 300,000 VND, this parlor is decidedly a value-for-money choice .
It is located at 18 Hang Manh Street Hoan Kiem District in Hanoi and is open from 10 AM to 10 PM .

Omamori Spa

omamori spa hanoi
Omamori is possibly the favored watering place in Hanoi. Outside the Old Quarter, its staff is a very professional and vocationally trained team of blind masseurs .
The health spa has a slack ambiance and offers choice massage services for very reasonable prices. While you ’ re not allowed to tip, you can put in a contribution in the box at their reception, since the salon is run by a charitable constitution .
Their box of cryptic weave massage, helpful for those suffering from constriction and tenderness in the back and shoulders, is a favored military service .
They besides have foot massages and partial derivative body massages in addition to the standard vietnamese massage. Their common packages death for about 45 minutes and costs around $ 5 .

Yakushi Center

yakushi center hanoi
Another touch that has friendly masseurs is Yakushi. Their vietnamese massages and blistering stone massages are very popular hera. This health spa gives you a professional cabin and is best at holistic bring around .
Most travelers come here with their aches and sores after long days of sightseeing ! Their prices start from 250,000 VND and are much cheaper than options in the honest-to-god quarter. They charge around 260,000 VND for an hour-long rear massage .
They don ’ triiodothyronine allow tipping since it is included in the price. besides a interfering place, you should plan and book it in boost !

Top Massage Parlours in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon has a few good massage parlors if you ’ re looking to experience a vietnamese massage for the first gear clock time. Massages in Saigon are spread over District 1 and 2 .

Moc Huong Spa

moc huong spa saigon
This is one of the most recommend massage parlours in the city and for good reason. They have a kind of services, from wax body massage and metrical foot treatments to the usual facials and pedicures .
They have a key signature deal, where for an hour and a half, a kind of stretches and massage techniques are performed. This is particularly helpful if you ’ re a first-timer .
They have several locations – 9C Ton Duc Thang, District 1 ; 2A Chu Manh Trinh, District 1 ; and 61 Xuan Thuy, District 2. Their price range is from 200,000 – 2,000,000 VND .
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Miu Miu

The Miu Miu Spa in Saigon has massage packages designed for tourists in the city. Popular for its relax ambiance and friendly staff, its ginger kernel massage box is a frequent order hera .
Although a little on the higher english, their prices are still considered well worth every dime ! They charge around 450,000 VND for 90 mins of a hot rock massage, 320,000 VND for a soundbox and animal foot massage .
They even have massage packages for couples, which, as the review show, is besides a popular option here. Open from 10 in the good morning, it is located at 4 Chu Mạnh Trinh, Ben Nghe, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Temple Leaf Spa

temple leaf spa saigon
Another long-familiar salon in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, its calming atmosphere, temple decoration, and privacy make it a go-to stop. massage packages besides include a clay mask and consistency scrub .
The most chosen package is the 60-minutes standard massage. Their massages start from 200,000 VND and can go up to 1,200,000 VND .
however, the low-cost 250,000 VND body massage is a frequently requested service, and the standard hour-long box costs around 380,000 VND .
Located at 74/1A Hai Ba Trung, Ben Nghe, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh City, it is open from 10 in the dawn public treasury 11:30 in the night .

Cat Moc Spa

cat moc spa saigon
Another in District 1, hera you can besides get vietnamese massage, herbal massages, hot stone massages, and skin care .
Both the 1 hour-long hot stone massage and the half-hour-long foot massage are democratic. You will want to book your date here in advance. The rooms here are clean and comfortable. It is located at 61-63 Trans Dinh Xu St, Dist 1 .

Vietnamese ‘happy massages’

The story indeed far has covered the no-nonsense, quality, class massage experiences. however, there is another slope to vietnamese massages, if you ’ re up for it .
If you ’ re familiar with Thailand ’ s red-light districts and looking for something exchangeable, then a certain part of Vietnam ’ mho massage parlors offer ‘ happy massages ’ .
vietnamese erotic massages or vietnamese happy ending massages are singular adult experiences !


Hanoi offers many “ glad ending massage ” salons where you can experience an adult massage. Most beneficial ones are located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. however, tourists have found a few favorites .
Neko Nuru Massage. For most, this is the favorite glad ending massage in Hanoi. They have 35 regular female masseurs who perform ‘ body to body ’ massages under a long mirror over the bed on the ceiling overhead. The massage is finished with an act of your choice .
The irregular is J Spa & Massage. here, female masseur will run up a bath for you and provide a full moon body massage with extra services. Depending on your needs, the cost of a massage of this kind can come up to between 1.2 and 2 million VND .
typically, these ‘ massages ’ will final for forty-five minutes, and an average total of 250,000 VND, precisely as in a normal massage. You can add a ‘ glad ending ’ for about $ 30. sex, however, is not on the table at any of these salons .

Ho Chi Minh City

saigon Bui Vien Street
Saigon has a couple of places for happy ending massages. Although it ’ s not authoritative to say if felicitous endings are legal in Vietnam, they are surely present .
The Dai Nam hotel is popular in Ho Chi Minh City for ‘ happy massages ’. The fourth floor of the hotel has a watering place. Prices start from around 270,000 VND .
You will be given a private room to relax and shower in, when a lady masseur will perform the massage with lend services, following which she will ask you to scribble down the topple you wish to give to her, to take to the reception .
Tips normally range from 300,000 VND to 500,000 VND. The total cost for an hour ’ s wax soundbox massage is about 700,000 VND. This hotel is open from 11 in the good morning till 5 in the even .
alike massages are available at the Vien Dong hotel and the Mink Tam Hotel in district 10, both of which average at a cost of around 600,000 VND .
apart from these, there are besides more local anesthetic, albeit questionable options. Walking down Dong Du Street and Bui Vien Street in District 1, you ’ ll see ladies sitting away salons offering brassy massages and charging big tips for extra services .
These streets double up as a kind of vietnamese crimson light district – however, these tend to be inadequate options if you ’ re looking for a good know .
These have been some of my thoughts and recommendations on Vietnam ’ second massage culture and the vietnamese massage experiences. From the sober and healing to red-light districts, you will find a wide range of massages about everywhere in Vietnam .
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