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japanese manga series by Yuichi Hiiragi
Please Put Them On, Takamine-san ( japanese : 履いてください、鷹峰さん, Hepburn : Haite Kudasai, Takamine-san ) is a romanticist comedy skill fiction manga series written and illustrated by Yuichi Hiiragi. It has been serialized by Square Enix in Monthly Gangan Joker since January 2019. The series is besides published in collect tankōbon volumes, which have been released in English by Yen Press since April 2021. The series follows Takane Takamine, who has the ability to rewind time in order to undo her past actions, but needs to remove a slice of her underwear to do so, and Koushi Shirota, who is forced into dressing her shortly afterwards .

precede [edit ]

One day, high school student Koushi Shirota catches the scholar council president of the united states and school madonna, Takane Takamine, changing her clothes. later, when he notices that she received her examination solution of a 98 %, she removes her panties, and he sees her receiving the examination consequence again, but this meter with a perfective score. She soon confronts him and tells him that she has the ability to rewind time by taking off her underwear which then disappears. however, because he saw her naked, he is able to go back in time with her. She then forces him to be her “ closet ”, that is, to replace her panties with fresh ones wherever she goes and uses the world power, and to keep it all a secret from others..

Characters [edit ]

Takane Takamine (

鷹峰 高嶺

, Takamine Takane )

The student council president and madonna who is highly admired by her peers. She seems to be the perfect student, but this is because she has the ability to rewind time by removing an article of underwear so she can undo any mistakes she has made. She acquired the ability from a time in her childhood where she was so embarrassed that she wet herself. It is later revealed she has harbored feelings for Koushi since they were young and were at a park taking care of a stray cat, which Takane eventually adopted. Although she tends to be demanding at school, she acts more jokingly and flirtatiously with him whenever the two are alone, stating that Koushi is a perverted virgin who fantasizes all sorts of sexual situations concerning her.
Koushi Shirota (

白田 孝志

, Shirota Kōshi )

A high school student who becomes involved with Takane as her “closet”, where he has to replace her underwear whenever she removes it. He is the only one who has seen Takane naked and is thus able to go back in time with whenever she has a do over. At first, he did it because he did not want to be criminalized for appearing to have sexually assaulted Takane. He soon takes his task seriously to try to protect her from embarrassment, and later says to the reader that he was unaware of her romantic intentions back at that time.
Eri (



Koushi’s childhood friend. She has light hair and works as an amateur model. They were friends in elementary school, but went to different middle and high schools. She later joins Koushi at the same cram school. She likes hanging out with Koushi, which makes Takane jealous, but she is actually romantically interested in girls, with another girl as her lover. She has a small crush on Takane because of the latter’s big boobs. She immediately notices that Takane likes Koushi so she tries to help her along.

issue [edit ]

Please Put Them On, Takamine-san is written and illustrated by Yuichi Hiiragi. [ 3 ] The series has been serialized by Square Enix in their magazine Gangan Joker since its February 2019 issue, which was released on January 22, 2019. [ 2 ] They besides released the series in collect tankōbon volumes since September 21, 2019. [ 4 ] Yen Press began releasing these in English on April 6, 2021, [ 5 ] after announcing that they had acquired the license at their New York Comic Con panel in 2020. [ 6 ]

book list [edit ]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 September 21, 2019[4] 978-4757563131 April 6, 2021[5] 978-1975321635
  • 1. “Be my closet.”
  • 2. “Let me do it over until I’m satisfied.”
  • 3. “Do you want to look or not?”
  • 4. “I want you to say it out loud.”
  • 5. “Thank you.”
  • 6. “Don’t be dull—be sensitive.”
High school student Koushi Shirota catches Takane Takamine, a model student in beauty and brains, changing her clothes. Later, when he notices that she received a test score of 98, he sees her take off her underwear and then notices she is receiving the paper back with a perfect score. Afterwards Takane confronts him and tells him that she has the ability to rewind time by taking off her underwear which then disappears. However, because he had seen her bare breasts, he is able to go back in time with her. She then demands him to be her “closet”, that is, to replace her panties with fresh ones whenever she uses her power. He refuses at first, but when she screams for help that she was sexually assaulted, and the police arrive to arrest him, Koushi is forced to accept the terms.
The next day, Koushi struggles to replace Takane’s panties while she is reciting something in class. Takane gets Koushi to observe her more carefully so he can anticipate when she will activate her ability. Takane uses her ability to do over a swimming race. When Koushi forgets to return her underwear bag, he scrambles to look for her when she tells him she is going out jogging. Takane visits Koushi’s house when the latter has a cold.
2 January 22, 2020[7] 978-4757564770 November 23, 2021[8] 978-1975321659
Chapters 7-12
Takane takes Koushi underwear shopping. When Koushi has to do a school run with a better time, Takane motivates him to try harder. Takane takes Koushi around a festival while she’s dressed in a yukata. When Koushi is on the verge of failing his classes, Takane tries to withhold using her power for the day. Takane invites Koushi to her place to study, but she puts on cat ears and flirtatiously acts like one. When it starts raining, Takane has him stay the night and crawls in with him in the bed. In the side manga, Takane and Koushi talk about men wearing skirts.
3 August 21, 2020[9] 978-4757568044 April 26, 2022[10] 978-1975337360
Chapters 13-19
Continuing the stayover, Takane wants to roleplay with Koushi as a newlywed couple, dressing herself in a naked apron, and later joining him in the bathroom to wash his back and hair. She later video calls him while showing off some daring lingerie. They visit a prospective college. Koushi observes Takane having an off day where she makes a number of mistakes. Koushi reunites with his childhood friend Eri, who has turned into a really attractive model. Takane finds the two at the park and confronts them about the relationship until Eri recognizes Takane from childhood as well.
4 March 22, 2021[11] 978-4757571631 TBA
Chapters 20-25
Eri invites Takane and Koushi to a family restaurant. Takane shares how Koushi was flirting with her, but Eri realizes it’s probably the other way around, and after Koushi leaves, she apologizes to Takane for appearing to flirt with Koushi, revealing that she already has a lover. Later Takane wants Koushi to play with water balloons like he had done with Eri. Takane and Koushi have a date at the park. The class wants to do a Cinderella play with Takane as the title character. She tries to get Koushi to volunteer himself to be the prince, but he loses to a popular guy named Seiya Oji. After Koushi is sent out on an errand during their study session, Eri asks Takane on how her relationship with Koushi is progressing; Takane denies it and talks about her “friend” instead. Takane and Koshi prepare for the play.

reception [edit ]

Rebecca Silverman of Anime News Network gave the first manga book 2 out of 5 stars, criticizing the spell for at times being mean-spirited, but otherwise enjoyed the farcical factor and the fan overhaul artwork. Lynzee Loveridge rated it a “ No thanks ”, specially with the extortion condition “ I can get aphrodisiac dame fanservice of all stripes without the load baggage of this damn. ” [ 3 ]

In June 2021, Please Put Them On, Takamine-san was nominated for the seventh Next Manga Award award in the Best Printed Manga category. [ 12 ]

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