Eight Feet Tall

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Full Name



Eight Feet Tall

Reading: Eight Feet Tall



Japanese urban legends



Powers / Skills


Incredible stealth
Vast supernatural powers


Kidnapping and killing people (mainly children).


Unknown (possibly to feed on the living for all eternity).


Malefic/dark magic

Serial murder

Type of Villain

Demonic Kidnapper

~ The sound that informs people that Eight Feet Tall is near.

Eight Feet Tall ( 八尺様, Hachishaku-sama, besides colloquially called Hasshakusama ) is a type of japanese spirit ( Yokai ) that takes the form of an impossibly improbable female ghost often said to have a deep, masculine voice in which she repeats the ejaculation “ Po ” [ ぽ ] repeatedly, and a habit of preying on children, normally ones who are nine to eleven years old .


Hachishakusama often appears as a eight-feet tall charwoman with black hair. She wears a white hat and a white full-dress with no shoes .


Hachishakusama, to catch her victims, she stalks the children for some days, possibly months besides, then when she stops, she takes the child and take her/him away from the family then kills him/her.


Eight Feet Tall can vary from a shriveled hagfish ( akin to a beldam ) or an attractive woman, yet is constantly inhuman in terms of acme. While her appearance varies between accounts, most eyewitnesses have stated that she dressed in a white summer dress and the wide-brimmed hat. Eight Feet Tall then attacks children and does not bother with adult prey. This is said to be ascribable to the fact children are calm dependent on older class members, which Eight Feet Tall can mimic in order to lure her victims away. Eight Feet Tall appears to be very alike to numerous other japanese demons in the fact she normally seen dressed in white with long bootleg hair and is always female. This may have something to do with ancient japanese folklore having female ghosts ( Onryo ) that much sought retaliation on the live or grew malicious after death, with this lapp legend inspired fictional monsters like Sadako Yamamura, Samara Morgan, Alcina Dimitrescu, and Kayako Saeki .


  • The legend of Eight Feet Tall started to be known around 2008.


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