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MrPornGeek tries Fort of the Naughty World

It is time for another MrPornGeek review guys. If you spend as much time playing XXX games, you start to think of yourself as slightly an expert. person has to take one for the team and comb through thousands of titles available for play, so you pervs get a probability to play lone the best ones. today, I will be reviewing a game called Fort of the Naughty World. It sounds like some kind of medieval, dungeon arouse fantasy. actually, that would be big. I dig the hale sex slave and redemption dynamics. I might be faulty though, I still haven ’ t played this one. Just telling you what I am thinking. Without wasting any more clock, let ’ s dig in and give Fort of the Naughty World a spin.

Fort of the Naughty World – Gameplay

The plot loads quickly and you are greeted with a new game screen. To my surprise, all the writings were in japanese or another eastern linguistic process, and I couldn ’ metric ton understand a one thing. There are not that many options though, so you should figure out preferably quickly how to get the game started. The intro shows a young and attractive girlfriend wandering the woods alone. Oh, oh, this is normally how most of the horror movies begin. I guess the game is going with that slant. She abruptly sees a giant bee or hornet. To be honest, I have no idea what is that supposed to be, but I know I would run deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. She runs into a cryptic fortress trench in the woods. unfortunately, she falls into the dungeon. You start the game by trying to take our heroine out of her cell. It is a point-and-click adventure, where you have to solve little puzzles to avoid getting viciously raped by all kinds of monsters, insects, tentacles, and zombies. As you know, I am not a massive sports fan of the zombie, giant pornography genre, but I guess that everything has its audience. The controls are comfortable to get the hang of, and the puzzles are precisely challenging enough to keep the game interest. To be honest, the game is fun to play, but I wouldn ’ metric ton call it hot or aphrodisiac. I am not going to spoil how this one ends and leave it up to you to give it a try and decide for yourself.

MrPornGeek’s final thoughts on Fort of the Naughty World

well, that was underwhelming. I did like the narrative and the puzzle view of the crippled. They are actually challenging and make the game playfulness to play. I besides loved the fact that there are 5 levels in the game and that is more than enough gameplay for a game of this kind. The issue with the game, though, is in the most essential aspect. arouse. It is barely not attractive and attention-getting in any way. Sure, some might find the keep setting sexy, but for MrPornGeek ’ s taste, this is barely not dependable adequate. There is an topic with that annoying music vitamin a well. At points, I felt like breaking my calculator speakers during the gameplay. You might not mind the music that much, but for me, that was a painful feel. This one is a tossup. On the one hand, there is batch of solid gameplay and puzzles to keep you interested. On the other, it is a arouse game that doesn ’ thymine deliver quality arouse. Your choice.

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