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I … was thinking … about you guys … and how you saved me … You two and everyone else … I wan sodium be your supporter .Eri to Izuku Midoriya and Mirio Togata in “With Eri”


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Civilian Initial

Biographical Information

Kanji Name

壊 (え) 理 (り)

Reading: Eri

Rōmaji Name


Personal Description


December 21


6 (First appearance)

7 (Current)


Female.png Female


110cm (3’7¼”)

Hair Color

Pale blue-gray ( Anime

White (Manga)

Eye Color








Kai Chisaki (Foster father)

Unnamed mother
Unnamed father (Deceased)
Unnamed grandfather

First Appearance

Manga Debut

chapter 128

Anime Debut

Episode 66


Japanese Voice

Seiran Kobayashi

English Voice

Emily Neves Image Gallery Eri Images Eri ( 壊 ( え ) 理 ( り ), Eri ? ) is the granddaughter of the Shie Hassaikai ‘s boss. [ 1 ] She was besides the winder source of Kai Chisaki ‘s operation to manufacture a Quirk-Destroying drug. She has been living at the U.A. dormitories since she was rescued .


Eri is a small girl with blue, whitish hair, messy and unkempt, which is parted in the center of her brow, about reaching down to her shank. She has identical wide, innocent-looking eyes, which are brilliantly red in coloring material. Poking out from the right side of her brow is a small, brown horn, which grows larger when her Quirk is activated. In her first gear appearance, she ‘s wearing a plain, short-sleeved dress, which is a dirty, pale tan color. Bandages are wrapped around both her arms and legs, stopping at her wrists and ankles, underneath which she is shown to have numerous scars. After she ‘s taken in by U.A., Eri ‘s outfit is changed to a whiten dress shirt with a frilled apprehension and a plain loss jumper with two large, fortunate buttons on either side of her chest. Under this, she wears gray tights and a big set of tan boots, and a small dark red messenger bag with the strap sitting over her right shoulder, and a short floral model decorating one of its sides. Her haircloth besides looks to be better cared for, appearing straight and neater than it was during her time with the Shie Hassaikai .


Eri Full Body Profile Eri ‘s full update appearance in the manga .


Because her mother disowned her after she unintentionally made her father vanish with her Quirk and the experiments she was subjected to by Kai Chisaki, Eri became a fearful and secluded daughter, without anyone showing affection to her in her life. obviously, Izuku Midoriya ‘s touch was the beginning time she ever felt kindness, which overwhelmed Eri and brought tears to her eyes. When homicidal intentions are aim towards her, she neither screams nor cries but merely remains mum in knowing that she has no choice but to accept whatever will happen to her. Although Eri ‘s attempts at resisting and escaping her abuse slowly diminished, she however made numerous attempts to escape her captors, despite knowing cipher she could turn to.

Eri is, however, volition to let herself go with Kai in club to protect those who help her, as she feels guilt over other people getting hurt in holy order to rescue her. This is a leave of Kai manipulating Eri into believing that her being and Quirk are only mean to harm others. As such, Eri feels strong and atrocious guilt and does not want other people to die because of her. unfortunately, after her rescue, Eri however psychologically suffered from Kai ‘s charm, as she was ineffective to smile due to having no experience of being happy. however, this changed, thanks to the events of the U.A. School Festival, where Eri last smiled for the first time and expressed her joy at Class 1-A ’ second band operation. Following this event, Eri becomes more cheerful around those she is familiar with and slowly accustoms to her newfangled animation at U.A. At first, Eri still felt negative about her Quirk and was apologetic to her carers at U.A. when believing that it was causing them perturb. After Izuku encouraged her that Rewind could besides be used for good, however, Eri develops a more positive lookout both in general and in regards to her power. This improvement is late shown when she is able to restore Mirio ‘s Permeation, telling the latter not to be regretful, and that she had been training Rewind to bring his ability back as a mean of thanking him while tearing up in happiness. due to her previous breeding and isolation, Eri is inactive rather unfamiliar with many regular concepts and daily things. This includes holidays, as she mixed up Halloween, Setsubun and Easter with Christmas .



Rewind ( 巻 ( ま ) き戻 ( もど ) し, Maki Modoshi ? ) : Eri ‘s Quirk allows her to reverse a populate person ‘s body back to a former state, allowing her to make her target physically younger, mend injuries, and undo bodily modifications. She has even shown the ability to rewind person ‘s body to a point before they existed. [ 1 ] The source of her Quirk ‘s baron is located in the horn on her head, and the size of the french horn dictates the lastingness of her exponent. It is besides an accumulation-type Quirk, which means the exponent it emits has to build up over a period of meter before becoming available. As a result of her Quirk mutate her body, Eri ‘s blood is able to attack an individual ‘s Quirk and stop its activation by reversing the target ‘s development before the compass point of the Quirk phenomenon. It was suggested by Eraser Head that her Quirk can even rewind the bodies of those who have lost their Quirks and restore them. however, Eraser Head said that the Quirk only works on people, not on things, which means that it ‘s not something that can be well trained. This besides means Eri can not use her Quirk on time as it is not a animation thing. [ 2 ] Two months anterior to the raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front Eri trained her quirk on minor bugs and lizards using small ounces of energy. She was finally able to restore the Permeation Quirk of Mirio Togata the day before. [ 3 ]

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  • Eri’s name is composed of two characters: “break” 壊, east ?

    , rhode island ?

    • Putting the two characters together can translate as “destruction”, noting how her Quirk was used to make Quirk-Destroying Drugs and how it can potentially destroy living things by rewinding them out of existence. Her name also alludes to how her Quirk “breaks logic” by its very nature, being referred to as a mutation since it does not resemble any Quirk from either side of her family and very few people understand how it works.
  • Eri’s favorite fruit is apples.
    • Eri shares her liking of apples with Fumikage Tokoyami and Pony Tsunotori.
  • Eri’s English voice actress, Emily Neves, also voices Sirius.


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