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2008 spanish film
Diary of a Nymphomaniac ( spanish : Diario de una ninfómana ) is a 2008 spanish erotic drama film directed by christian Molina and starring Belén Fabra and Leonardo Sbaraglia. [ 1 ] It is based on the 2005 autobiographical novel Insatiable: The Sexual Adventures of a French Girl in Spain by french writer Valérie Tasso. [ 2 ] In the United States and the United Kingdom, the film was released under the championship Insatiable: Diary of a Sex Addict. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

plot [edit ]

Val is a 28-year-old woman with a hard hope for sex. She often has sex with multiple men, including Alex, who has a girlfriend. Tired of Val ‘s rapacious sexual appetite, Alex angrily breaks up with her after a nox of fantastic lovemaking. Val former goes to an vacate train station, where she meets a stranger and has sex with him. Val is besides disturbed by her own excessive sexual appetite. She discusses her sex life openly with her grandma, who encourages her to do as she pleases. She besides suggests that Val keep a diary as it can help provide clearness. Val works in the market department of a firm in Barcelona. When her old friend, Hassan, visits Barcelona, she leaves work early in order to have sex with him. The keep up day, Val shows up deep for work, which finally leads to her dismissal from the job.

Val attends a couple of job interviews. The second interviewer, Jaime, become attracted to Val and asks her out ; she immediately accepts. Against her usual self, Val decides not to sleep with him after their beginning date. Jaime immediately buys an expensive home for them to live, though Val is worried about his extravagant life style. In the interim, Val visits her grandma, who is ill and finally dies. Val and Jaime act in in concert. When they sleep in concert for the first time, Val is disappointed by Jaime ‘s performance in sleep together, but she brushes it off. She besides lands a speculate from her first interview. however, Val soon realizes that Jaime is bipolar, switching between acting dearly towards her and abusing her. One day, Jaime walks into Val ‘s position unannounced and accuses her foreman of sleeping with her. On another occasion, he brings a prostitute to their house and asks Val to pay her. Val decides to leave Jaime and move out of their family. When Val is packing her belongings with the help of her ally Sonia, Jaime shows up and threatens to assault Val. They manage to leave and go to Sonia ‘s house. One day, Sonia realizes that Val left her house without informing her. Sonia tracks her devour to a humble run-down apartment. Unemployed and having lost all her savings to pay for Jaime ‘s excessive life style, a depressed Val attempts to commit suicide by jumping down from her apartment, but finally decides against it. Desperate for money, Val decides to work as a prostitute in a whorehouse, where the dame controls all the women working for her. Val meets a brazilian woman, Cindy, who works for the like whorehouse and they become close.

Val starts to enjoy her bring and soon attracts regular customers, including an italian named Giovanni, with whom she falls in love. When he books her again, Val gets excited, but when she goes to meet him in his hotel suite, he has decided to give her to his acquaintance. Pedro, another customer, keeps on telling her that he loves her and wants to marry her, but he tries to control her with his money and wants to have aggressive sexual activity with her. Without bothering to collect her money, Val runs off from his hotel suite. When she returns to the whorehouse the pursue day, Cindy kills herself by jumping out from a window. Val starts to re-evaluate her life and soon decides this is not the biography she wants. She informs the madam that she wants to leave the whorehouse. Though the madam tries to convince her to stay and then abuses her and threatens her, Val is determined and leaves the whorehouse. Val goes to Sonia ‘s house. Sonia is happily married to a world, and Val informs her that she has left the whorehouse. Sonia is very happy for Val. When Val returns to her apartment, she sees a man living in her apartment construct who she noticed peeping on her earlier. She asks him if he wants to go to her place. He replies that he does not have any money, to which she replies, “ That ‘s okay, it ‘s not necessity ”, indicating that she has resorted to her previous way of free-spirited surviving.

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reception [edit ]

The movie received desegregate reviews. Jay Seaver of eFilmCritic.com wrote : “ … while I still think it hangs around those [ art-porn ] stereotypes enough to be slightly hurt by them, I did find the film improving in my mind as I reflected on it ”. [ 5 ] Nathan Southern wrote for TV Guide : “ Though competently acted, good scored, and lushly photographed … christian Molina ’ randomness … erotic drama … represents an atrocious and ostentatious blight on the face of its chosen subgenre ”. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Jonathan Henderson of Cinelogue stated : “ [ T ] he film … in its bumbling crudeness … plays out like a distinctive, manipulative melodrama. … Another element that plagues the film is its unrealistic depictions of misogynous men. [ It ] is marked by an overtly formulaic script, which besides neatly follows the three-act structure with a design of introduction, elation, conflict, lineage and convalescence. The film ’ sulfur pace problems are exacerbated by a profusion of abbreviated, insufficient scenes which interrupt the stream of the narrative. [ Belén ] Fabra ’ s performance during [ her ] aroused scenes is about potent adequate to make me forget about the manipulative mawkishness behind them ”. [ 8 ]

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