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No. Title [28][a] Original air date [29] 1 “Love & Eros For All”
Transcription: ” Rabu ando Erosu fō Ōru” (Japanese: ラブ&エロス フォー オール)”Nightmare Before Karnaval”
Transcription: ” Naitomea bifoa Karunabaru” (Japanese: ナイトメア ビフォア カルナバル

) October 2, 2014 ( ) Umanohone is introduced as well as the main characters of the series. There is a shrink wrap incident and the store is visited by the first time by the Ero Hon G Men. We get our first look at a Sommelier Party. The Ero Hon G Men makes another appearance at the party but not for work. It turns out that she likes BL as Sommelier picked out a BL manga for her. She then gives a speech on how she loves erotic books and how everyone loves erotic books. Umio fanboys about his favorite doujinshi artist Jonataro. it is then revealed that Jonataro is in fact Sensei, which shocks Umio because he thought Jonataro was a guy. Sensei is pressed to meet a deadline and Umio and Hiotan help her out. Sensei turns out to be a big cry baby about doing so much work and is only calmed by Hiotan’s lap. Umio stays to help Sensei more. Sensei cries again while Umio consoles her treating her like a girl. This makes Sensei blush. The manga is finished and the next day the entire staff goes to a comic festival. 2 “Deep Deep Night””Is Electric Town Burning?”
Transcription: “Denkigai wa Moete Iru ka” (デンキ街は燃えているか) October 9, 2014 ( ) Umanohone has a late night sale that is busy and chaotic. It leaves everyone tired and exhausted. To celebrate the group goes to a family restaurant. Gradually everyone returns to Umanohone and sleep in the nap room. The next morning, Fu-girl put zombie make up on Umio and beats him with a bat for target practice. Everyone wakes up and ignores the two. Umanohone is having a summer festival. All the staff are involved in the festivities. The winning book shop receives 10,000 yen prizes and a year supply of oden. The games were set up as a otaku-sports fest. There is a catching underwear with your mouth jump. Rolling a golden ball and a waifu-carrying race. next was a tug-o-wa. The final match was a water shooter game. Sensei manages to win the festival by going solo. 3 “Party Hard””Hiotan, Go Home”
Transcription: “Hiotan yo Ie ni Kaere” (ひおたんよ家に帰れ)”Endless Carnival”
Transcription: “Endoresu Karunabaru” (エンドレス・カルナバル) October 16, 2014 ( ) Umanohone is selling an eroge game, Die Heart 2. Hiotan and Fu-girl are made to cosplay outside the shop to advertise the game. Later, Hiotan and Kantoku go shopping and decorate Kantoku’s house for a Christmas party. The following day, the staff arrives for a Christmas party. Everyone is in cosplay except for Sensei who is later forced to. Everyone takes a photo together. Kantoku laments as everyone is single for the holidays but Umio says he has a girlfriend. The entire group is shocked until Umio corrects them by saying he has an anime girlfriend. The Christmas party is over, everyone has left, and Kantoku is cleaning up. However, Hiotan remains and spend the rest of the day with Kantoku. Umahone is having a New Year sale. The shop becomes busy and crowded. Some many things are going crazy and nearly wrong. At the end of the sale, everyone is beat. Umio and Sensei go to a shrine together. 4 “King of Pop”
Transcription: ” Kingu obu Poppu” (Japanese: キングオブPOP)”Chocolate Panic” October 23, 2014 ( ) Everyone at the shop now has a shelf where they present manga that they like in order to increase sales. Hiotan thinks about the manga she likes and what to put on her shelf. Hiotan and the other girls go to Mikan Books to get Hiotan to read more manga and see what she likes. It is Valentine’s Day at Umanohone. This brings pressure, confusion, and nervousness to the girls at the shop. 5 “Panty Shot in Spring”
Transcription: ” Haru ni Panchira” (Japanese: 春にパンチラ)”I am Rain””Commotion”
Transcription: ” Zawameki” (Japanese: ざわめき) October 30, 2014 ( ) Sensei needs help drawing a pantry shot in her manga and Umio helps her. Hilarities arise between the two as well as blushing faces. It is a rainy day at Umanohone. Tsumorin makes a debut at Umanohone. 6 “Homeless”
Transcription: ” Yado washington Nashi” (Japanese: 宿はなし)”Secret Paradise” November 6, 2014 ( ) Sensei has been sleeping at Umanohone (and not changing her clothes) to finish a manga by a deadline. The staff at Umanohone is willing to help her out. Sensei’s girl power is in a crisis. Tsumorin is here to save the day. 7 “To the Bath House”
Transcription: ” Iza Sentō e……” (Japanese: いざ銭湯へ……)”Overflow of Feelings”
Transcription: ” Mune georgia Ippai” (Japanese: 胸がいっぱい) November 13, 2014 ( ) Umanohone goes to an onsen. There is an anime festival and booths at Comiket. Kantoku says that he has someone he likes. Summer fair clean up day at Umanohone. Hiotan is acting weird. 8 “The Sleeping One”
Transcription: ” Nemuru Hito” (Japanese: 眠る人

)”Subtly Rough”
Transcription: ” Rafu Sarigenaku” (Japanese: ラフさりげなく) November 20, 2014 ( ) Sensei is losing sleep. Sensei and Umio spend some time talking in the nap room. Sensei has to make a choice. Sensei accidentally asked Umio on a date. She can’t figure out what to wear or how to act. Her girl power is in danger and she seeks out help from the other female employees. 9 “It’s Not Love”
Transcription: “Koijanaino””Hey, How Are You Feeling?”
Transcription: “Yā, Chōshi wa Dō dai” (やあ、調子はどうだい)”Snowy Night”
Transcription: “Yuki no Furu Yoru” (雪の降る夜) November 27, 2014 ( ) Hiotan caught a cold and took the day off from work. Kantoku comes to her apartment and to take care of her. He ends up spending the day with her. Hiotan becomes sick again and this time Sensei goes to take care of her. However, Sensei has ulterior motives for going to Hiotan’s place. It is Christmas Eve so Umanohone is busy once again with a Christmas sale. Couples are the topic of discussion. 10 “Wonderful Chocolate”
Transcription: ” Wandafuru Chokorēto” (Japanese: ワンダフル・チョコレート)”Chocolate Philosophy””Tan-colored Room”
Transcription: ” Ameiro no Heya” (Japanese: 飴色の部屋)”Caught you on a Sleepless Night”
Transcription: ” Nemurenuyoru ni Tsukamaeta” (Japanese: 眠れぬ夜につかまえた) December 4, 2014 ( ) It is Valentine’s Day again. Sensei battles with the process of making homemade chocolates. Tsumorin comes to the rescue once again. The girls at Umanohone go to cooking class. The next part is just as difficult; giving the chocolate. Sensei cannot say the words. White Day has come to Umanohone. Hiotan and Kantoku went out to prepare to stock some shelves but were locked out. They are stuck together for the night. 11 “Starting Young”
Transcription: ” Chīsana Koro Kara” (Japanese: 小さな頃から)”Exposed Life”
Transcription: ” Abakareta Seikatsu” (Japanese: 暴かれた生活)”The Lips”
Transcription: ” Kuchibiru no Sore” (Japanese: 唇のソレ) December 11, 2014 ( ) Ero Hon G Men and Sommelier were once classmates in elementary school. Childhood memories and eroge books are shared. Sensei’s girl power is tracked and check by Hiotan and Tsumorin. Fu-girl wants to get bigger to get Sommelier to notice her more. 12 “The Hermit’s Library”
Transcription: ” Inja no Shoko” (Japanese: 隠者の書庫

)”When The Cherry Blossoms Bloom”
Transcription: ” Sakura gallium Saitara” (Japanese: 桜が咲いたら)”Welcoming Morning” December 18, 2014 ( ) Umio rides the train home with a drunk Sensei. Sensei is in a really bad condition, so they go to Umio’s apartment. However, its filled with a bunch of eroge and otaku stuff. The two stay up partially through the blush filled night. The staff at the Umanohone and some other characters go to on cherry blossom viewing picnic. The manager leads Umanohone’s morning assembly.

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