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It ‘s been thirteen years since my IMDb review for Daughter of Darkness, so my memory is a little bleary, but this sequel, which was made the year after the original, seems to follow the lapp formula : lots of typically cockamamie bad-taste HK drollery with a little gratuitous sex/nudity, followed by the nasty stuff.

The film opens with bumbling cops investigating the kill of a kin, which results in such hilarity as the intimate harassment of a ( presumed dead ) woman, group masturbation, and the corrode of a semen covered mango by a big-chested female collar. I ca n’t say I found any of this particularly amusing, but each to their own.

Thirty minutes or sol of such giddiness and we ‘re finally headed for the more extreme content that Cat III films are renowned for : sexual violence, rape, murder, and more. It all starts as suspect Sau ( Yim Lai Cheng ) recounts her history to the patrol chief …

Sau and her conserve Ken ( Ben Ng ) are driving through the countryside when they swerve off the road to avoid hitting some people ; rather, they about run over hood Hung ( Ka-Kui Ho ), who demands recompense with menace. friendly local Kun ( Dick Lau ) comes to the couple ‘s rescue and offers them a seat to stay while their car is fixed.

Kun cursorily becomes good friends with the pair, but clearly has an eye for the lovely Sau, which is why Ken, impotent as the leave of a war scent, asks him to perform a favor : impregnate his wife thus that he can have a son. obviously Kun agrees, specially since Ken is will to pay handsomely for the undertaking !

Having thoroughly enjoyed himself, Kun decides he wants more of the lovely ( and accommodating ) Sau, but this fourth dimension they are photographed in the work by Hung and his son. With proof of Sau ‘s infidelity, Hung demands a big kernel of cash from Ken in return for the photos. While they wait for him to find the money, the blackmailers take Sau to their home, where they rape her, to the amusement of Hung ‘s evenly disgusting wife.

Ken finally arrives with the money and leaves with his wife, who goes to the doctor of the church to find that she is not alone pregnant but besides infected with syphilis. There ‘s alone one thing for the lady to do : in the film ‘s most nauseating moment, Sau takes a coat hanger and performs a home abortion in the shower. unfortunately, Ken merely happens to catch her in the work, and goes to find Hung looking for retaliation, which results in him being roughed up and chucked in front of a moving hand truck.

With Ken gone, Sau turns to Kun for avail in evening the score, but when he leaves ( after bonking Sau one last time, of run ), it is up to her to take retaliation, which she does in a kind of cruddy ways, including the practice of a dining table of nails, a bear trap, a bad knife and a sharp bamboo perch.

In following the blueprint of the original, DOD2 does n’t qualify as an all-important authoritative of the writing style ( it ‘s no The Untold Story or Red to Kill ), but the exploitative arouse, nakedness, and violence should keep most fans of Cat III filth glad for the duration.

6.5/10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.

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