10 Anime With An Alice In Wonderland Theme

Alice in Wonderland has inspired a storm number of big zanzibar copal, and these are some of the best. When Lewis Carroll ‘s Alice ‘s Adventures in Wonderland was inaugural published in 1865, no one thought it would have exploded as it did in japanese entertainment. This fantasy and literary nonsense genre book that hailed from the Englishman Charles Lutwidge Dodgson found popularity with people from around the world for its contents .
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Including the 1871 sequel Through the Looking-Glass, zanzibar copal has adapted the series into diverse things from children ‘s anime, romanticist situations where the protagonist “ Alice ” is aged-up, to light novels with much dark themes. If fans of the fantastic world ever want an anime to watch with its themes, here are ten of the most relatable.

10 CLAMP In Wonderland (1994 – 2007)

CLAMP loves to include their characters from their diverse serial, such as Cardcaptor Sakura and xxxHOLiC, and put them together as east wind eggs. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is the most secondhand serial for crossovers, but CLAMP in Wonderland is the second base rival .
This short music video pays court to their CLAMP characters by putting them all in the same video recording. The first one features the characters from their series between 1989 and 1994. It was then popular, it spawned a sequel called CLAPM in Wonderland 2 that uses their characters from 1995 and 2006 .

9 Alice & Zouroku (2017)

Alice & Zoruku is not what it appears on the surface. Including being a fantasy zanzibar copal, it is besides a charming female child one. The series focuses on humans with supernatural powers, and the daughter it follows, in particular, is a child named Sana Kashimura .
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She has the ability to teleport and create anything from her imagination, and because of this was studied as a subject at a research adeptness until she escapes with an old man named Zouroku Kashimura. The series focuses on Sana, “ The Red Queen ” and how they evade the recapture of Sana, ampere well as her day by day life with Zouroku as his espouse granddaughter .

8 Pandora Hearts (2009)

Pandora Hearts follows a male child named Oz Vessalius who is thrown into the Abyss for the sin of being active. however, after making a compress with a Chain, the identify for monsters in the Abyss, named Alice, he escapes with her and finds ten years have passed for what seemed like a few minutes to him .
in concert with his best friend and butler, Gilbert, and the Chain named Alice, Oz tries to figure out the mysteries surrounding him .

7 Alice Academy (2004 – 2005)

Since the Alice Academy anime does not do the original department of justice, it would be best to read the manga. unfortunately, the integral manga is not translated into English. After Mikan Sakura discovers her best acquaintance Hotaru Imai is transferring schools, she follows her to Alice Academy .
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At this school, all the children and adults have powers named “ Alices ” raging from the ability to control fire to mind control—and Mikan has one of the rare ones, so she enrolls a well .

6 Alice In Borderland (2014 – 2015)

Alice in Borderland takes a dark approach to the children ‘s book, for it is a survival, suspense, and fantasy serial. Although it received an OVA in 2014, it is set to receive a live-action series by Netflix that is scheduled to debut in 2020 .
Arisu Ryouhei, Karube Dakichi, and Segawa Chouta are high school delinquents that are bored with liveliness. After Arisu wishes that the worldly concern will become more excite, he and his three friends are transported to a post-apocalyptic world where they must play a survival bet on to survive .

5 Key Princess Story: Eternal Alice Rondo (2006)

Key Princess Story : ageless Alice Rondo is heavily influenced by Alice ‘s Adventures in Wonderland and even features the writer, Lewis Carroll in the series reimagined as a man named L. Takion .
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Despite there only being two books in the series, this anime does a what-if scenario on if there was a third bible named The Eternal Alice. After Aruto Kirihara discovers the female lead of the bible, Arisu Arisugawa has been put in the real world to fight “ Alice Users ” that have been let loose .

4 Alice SOS (1998 -1999)

Alice SOS goes deeper into Alice ‘s Adventures in Wonderland by having the main character dress more like a cunning adaptation of Alice. The series is an oldie with 14 episodes by J.C. Staff .
however, after learning that Alice has been kidnapped and continues to be transported to unlike worlds, it ‘s up to him to save the protagonist, Alice .

3 Miyuki-chan In Wonderland (1995)

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is a short and blue CLAMP series that the group created a few years before Cardcaptor Sakura. Full of fantastic arouse jokes and a batch of yuri, the serial focuses on the chief character, Miyuki, being transferred to different worlds .
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After spotting a playboy bunny and falling down a rabbit hole from the shock, she has an odd ambition entire of oddities. The manga delves into this even more with Miyuki going to other mysterious countries .

2 Alice in the Country of Hearts: Wonderful Wonder World (2011)

Alice in the Country of Hearts : fantastic Wonder World is based on an otome ocular novel by Quin Rose. Despite there being multiple iterations of this on personal computer and PlayStation systems, there was only one movie adaptation. The series focuses on a realist version of Alice Liddell who is in her beautiful sister ‘s tail .
After she is kidnapped by a blank lapin named Peter White, who besides happens to be madly in love with her, and forced to drink a mysterious liquid, she is forced to participate in a crippled. The merely means to escape the Wonderland is by spending time with the characters, such as odd iterations of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, and filling the phial .

1 Alice In Wonderland (1983 – 1984)

Alice in Wonderland is the japanese adaptation of the classical children ‘s script. Called Fushigi no Kuni no Alice in Japanese, this 52 episode zanzibar copal chronicles the authoritative plot of young Alice following a blank rabbit into a hole and her entrance to Wonderland .
While the first episodes follow the first bible, the second book follows the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass. The only difference is that Alice is not stick, but returns to the very world at the end of every episode .
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